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Marvelous, Mes and Mommy learns patience

Mes was enjoying my retirement and cavorting with Eric, Flynn, GJ, Boomer, Nerissa, Ellie, Sammy, Minko, Fiona and many other rainbow cats when mes gotted a message….
Nellie Bellie…Oh Nellie Bellie, I need you Nellie…..
It was my Mommy! Mommy never calls mes!!! Even when mes was there below! Mes excused myself and went to sees her. She was in her office at work! Mes has never been there before…It smelled funny…no animals!

Mes here Mommy! mes purred.

Mommy picked mes up  and cuddled mes. Mes let her…but yous should knows mes does not likes it furry much.
Nellie, Mommy said, I am worried about Marvelous. He was supposed to start his long trip from Iran to Canada yesterday and be here today, but the person who is bringing him is staying in Iran for another 2 weeks and won’t be bringing him until August 14th! I can’t go and see him like you can, can you please go and see how he is doing and let him know that I am missing him.
Mommy, mes said, yous NOT even meeted him yet! How can yous be missing somebody yous not meeted? 
I already have him in my heart Nellie darling, just like you and you know how much I miss you!
Well, mes knows Mommy misses mes lots and lots, I visits her in her dreams all the time and there has been NO cats in the house to helps her.
Mes flashed out and popped into Marvelous’ room.

Meow! said Marvelous. I am so very happy to see you Queen Penelope! I get awful lonely in this barren little room. I am also very sad.
Oh! Marvelous! mes said as mes touched his nose with mine and then rubbed up against him, Mes sorry mes has not come by every day. Mes will until yous gets to Mommy! 
Queen Penelope, That would be very kindly of you! I would appreciate it so very much! He gave me a tentative smile.
Wes lay down on his scrappy little blanket and mes licked his ears and eyes. Are yous feeling better dear heart? How is your asthma? 
Marvelous sighed a big sigh, Mes, er I feel fine Queen Penelope, but my heart is sore that I will not be seeing my new Mother today. I was so happy to know that I was going to have my own home and my own Mother and…..(sob)…now I feel that it may NEVER happen! It has been forever waiting to go.
Oh Marv! mes purred, 2 weeks is only 14 days! And Today is the first one of those days! When today is over, it will bes 13 and when that day is over, it will only bes 12! and before yous knows it,  yous will be loaded into a PTU and….
Excuse me Queen Penelope! PTU! What is this PTU? Is it scary? Is is big? Is it small? 
Marvelous, mes said sternly, Yous interrupted mes! Yous should NOT interrupt when mes is talking! 
But mes knows yous is excited…and yous DID apologize…
A PTU is a personal transportation unit. It is a little box with bars that peoples puts yous in to goes places. They is small and it feels like yous is in your own purrsonal cave. It is like this room that yous lives in only small. Yous can’t stand up in it.
Oh, Marvelous said weakly. It is like what they brought me here in and what they put me in to go and visit the Doctor.
Yes! Mes said, just like that! 
Will you come in the PTU with me on my trip? Will your friends that stop by to visit me come on my trip too? I am quite scared.
Marv darling, Angel Sammy who comes and sees yous almost every day and Flynn and Eric and me will be with yous. Do not worry little friend. Yous is already loved by more people than you can imagine. Just wait, when yous start to blogs! Yous will has hundreds and hundreds of peoples and cats and dogs yous will bes furrends with!
Thank you Queen Penelope. You always make me feel better.  You know exactly what to say to make my fears disappear! I am not afraid any more. Can you go and tell out Mother that I am doing well, even though I am disappointed I am not going to be with her tonight and that my journey to her will begin in 12 days…that is right, it is only 12 days until I start!
Yes darling boy. Only 12 days and tomorrow, it will be 11 until you start your journey and 13 until you get to Mommy! Marvelous, in the words of this human mes has meeted over the bridge, whose name is Rumi, 

Oh! You are so right Queen Penelope! Rumi has such wise words. I shall meditate on them. Will you come back today?
Of course! Mes knows that Sammy is on his way right now, but mes must goes and sees our Mommy and lets her know that yous is marvelous and yous is patient! And that yous foresees that when yous gets to her, all the waiting will have been worth it!
Now mes must goes and tells Mommy that yous is patient and KNOWS that yous will bes there soon! Bye Bye!
Wes touched noses and mes flashed back to Mommy.

When mes told her, she was a little less sad. Mes told her to meditate on Rumi too! She needs to learn PATIENCE!


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  1. Oh dear sweet Marvelous……… me my little friend, Angel Sammy is definitely with you just like your “sister” Angel Nellie and OH SO MANY other Angels to keep you safe on your huge new adventure! You might be lonely now but just wait until you get to your new Mommy and meet all your new friends – it will have been worth the wait. The world is full of love and you will have a peek inside that HERE with all of us. Stay strong and brave and hopeful – you only have a FEW more days to wait until your new life starts…….If you close your eyes right this minute, you will feel Angel Sammy putting his wing around you to keep you warm.

    We cant’ wait to hear that you are HOME……………….
    Love, Pam and Teddy

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  2. Marv the time has flown by the day is very close now my friend, We can hardly wait to see you. How about we send our Angel Coco to visit. He is quite the funny kitty and hairless so kind of funny y to look at too. Wait till you see his ears. MOL
    Purrs from us all
    Timmy and Family


  3. dood….if ewe sleep manee napz; then 12 dayz will bee like 22 minitz N then TA DA…yur new mom iz lookin at cha N askin if ya wanna go get a fish samich then yur like goin home two yur home ewe will have all de dayz oh yur life then next time ewe take a snooze ewe will be in yur OWN bed with yur OWN toyz N stuff…N well, LOTZ LOTZ mor…we iz lookin for werd ta final lee meetin ewe buddy ~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ heerz two a veree safe journee ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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  4. You are so sweet to comfort your mum and Marv, Nellie. The time will drag, but August 14th will be a very happy day. I am glad that Eric and Flynn are visiting Marv too and keeping him company.

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  5. We can only imagine how disappointing and worrisome a postponement like this can be. Must be very stressful for poor Marv. We’ll keep him in our prayers. We know you will offer your mum love and comfort, Nellie

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  6. Marvelous, we are so glad that Nellie is there to give you wisdom and love while you wait to get to your new Forever home with your mew mom. Soon, dear boy, soon!


  7. Oh dear! We can imagine that would be tough on you Barb and on the poor little guy too. But think how happy you will both be when he does arrive. It will be the best day ever and that day will be here faster than you think!

    the critters in the cottage xo


  8. Since I, Pipo and my brofur MrJackFreckles aka MJF are late coming here, there is already a day less of waiting needed…meanwhile Angel Nellie is a wonderfur gaurdian Angle who is watching ovfur you to encourage you and help you in all the details of this business of getting to your forevfur Mommy.

    Hang in there, Marv! You can do it!


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