I’ve arrived…and to prove it, I’m here!

The last few days have been stressful. I went from a cat who lived in a tiny barren room 3 days ago, to flying 6,675 miles from Iran to Vancouver!


The flight was longer. We had to change planes in Frankfurt Germany. I was brought over by a very nice man and I was in a cat carrier and under the seat. I was a good cat. I was quiet and well behaved.

When we got to Vancouver, we had to wait. The customs people had to look at me and it was a long walk to where my new Mommy was to get me! I was afraid! Everything is so very loud! And she had to leave me in my carrier as it was a long walk to her car! Then it was a half hour before we got to my new home.

When I got there, I was greeted by a big dog nose smelling my carrier!!!


I hissed! I have not met any dogs! This enormous beast scared Me!!! My new Mommy realized that I was hungry, exhausted and thirsty. She took me right upstairs to the bedroom, closed the door to keep the other animals out.

Mommy left me alone with a water fountain, lots of yummy food and a nice clean litter box and she went back to work.

When she got home, she opened the door and that horrible dog bounded in! Mommy grabbed it as it lunged towards me with its teeth barred! I did what all cats do! I launched myself towards the threat!


I sank my teeth in deep to give the killing blow, but then I realized that it was my new Mommy’s hand! I retreated to the window sill!


I was crest fallen! I had hurt my new Mommy! She was not angry though. She shooed the fearsome beast out of the room and ran lots of cold water on her hand. While we were distracted by the fearsome beast…the 2 cats who had been poking their paws under the door came in to greet me!


They were NOT afraid of the fearsome beast! They were not afraid of me…but I am afraid of them! I did not hiss, but I made low growls. Mommy knew I was scared and she shooed them out of the room too. She talked to me quietly and she apologized about all the noise and excitement. She said she would be extra vigilant at making sure all the greetings happened when I wanted them to and not before!


I am sure we will become friends when I am less scared.





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  1. Welcome home sweet guy. I know that has to be so stressful and so many new things and noises. Trust me Marv, you will love every one of those critters, they are all darn nice. Purrs to the Mom, we know that hurt a bit, a lot of bits maybe.


  2. Oh, your poor new mom! That hurt! We hope she takes very good care of it so it doesn’t become infected. We know the bite wasn’t intentional – not for her, anyway. When you settle in,you will learn to like the beast and vice versa. You were just a shock to each other. We’re happy to know you have arrived safely.


  3. Whoa! That was some journey for a cat! Do worry about biting your mom; I do it all the time on purpose. She’ll still love you. Have a good nap and you’ll feel better. You’ll be ready to face the world and the woofie. Welcome, Marv. Your furrend CK


  4. Mary McNeil

    So glad you are here safely ! Things will settle down soon and you will feel safer , Your Mom knows you didn’t mean to hurt her, Puurs.


  5. Kari

    Oh poor Marv! After a long and trying flight you were overwhelmed at your new home. You didn’t even get a chance to nap and collect yourself. We’re so sad that your introduction to your new home was so hectic- just what you didn’t need. When we flew from one coast to another, we were “off ” for weeks! Your new mum loves you lots and you have a wonderful angel sister Nellie to help you through this. By the way , we used to hate dogs, now we love ’em. A couple of weeks alone bonding with your mum will do the trick. Angel Nellie will be by your side.


  6. You poor sweetheart, you had sooooo much that you had to go through to get there. Leaving your old country, flying on a scary and loud plane, noises at the airport and then animals you have never seen. Your new Mama loves you so much, in time you will feel comfortable with the animals too, they are just being curious. I know you didn’t mean to hurt your Mama. Sending you much love and a HUGE welcome! we cannot wait to get to know you! xoxo


  7. meowmeowmans

    We’re so happy you’ve finally arrived at your new home, Marv. That was quite some journey, and we’re sorry that Cinnamon, Kozmo and Jo Jo scared you a little bit, but we know you are right that you’ll be friends when things settle down. Your new Mommy is the absolute best, and she loves you so, so much. We know you did not mean to hurt her, and she knows that, too. You just concentrate on enjoying your safe, new, loving forever home, okay? We are looking forward to getting to know you (when you’re ready, we’ll be here). Much love!


  8. Welcome Marv. Hang in there, it’s been one heck of a journey and yeah, it will take you a while to settle in. This is a nice lady and you have landed on four paws in a really good place.

    Trust us on this. The best is yet to come!!


  9. Bless your sweet kitty heart Marvelous…Mom and I hope and purr your night is peaceful and you become accustomed to your new home one room at a time. You had a ton of changes happen in a very short time.
    Hugs Madi your new friend.


  10. It’s so nice to meet you, Marv! It sounds like your new feline and canine family members were a little too anxious to get to know you – it will happen in time, and they need to be patient. I’m looking forward to watching you adjust to your new life – it will be awesome!


  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaw Marv, it’s so good to furinally see you in your new furever home. You be one lucky mancat. We know, cuz we knew sweet Nellie. You’ve got a pawsum mommy and she’s gonna take great care of you. And all those other anipals will just have to wait till you wanna share your marvelousness with them. ConCats on makin’ home and welcome. We’re thrilled to be your furiends. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  12. Welcome to your Home, Marv. You are one hugely brave Dude, and we hope you have plenty of time to rest up and recover before you meet the others there. Take things slowly as you’ve zoomed so fast across the planet to get there. And we know your Mommy is just delighted you are there – we have all been eagerly awaiting your arrival. We look forward to seeing you settle. Greetings from Finland(N).


  13. OMC…we are so happy to finally meet you, Marvelous. You are extremely handsome, but you do look very wary in your photos. We guarantee your new mommy is not mad at you. You have a huge adjustment to make, and she will guide you slowly and with patience. We know she already loves you, and you will soon have many admirers. Welcome home, Marvelous. Get ready for a wonderful life filled with love and friends. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  14. Welcome, Marvelous! Marv, one day you will think back on this time on your life and you will only remember it was the first day of the rest of your life!
    One of these days we will hear all about how you are a sweet and loving purring machine…and a cuddler kitty, too.
    You sure are a handsome dude!

    Take your time…you have tons of it!

    Hugs, purrs and yes some doggy wags and wiggles form here too you way ovfur there! If petcretary evfur gets to Vancouver to see her brother and some friends she will add you and your new furmliy to the ‘to-do’ list.

    ((((( ♥ )))))


  15. Princess Leah

    Woohoo!!! Hiya little Sweetie, I am sooo pleased to see you’ve arrived safely. Oh boy, have you fallen on your paws, i nose you might not feel quite like that at the moment but you are going to be luffed sooo much, what a pawsome time you are gonna have and I can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xx


  16. Hey Marv! It’s so great to meet you at last!! What a stupendous adventure!! I have to say I’m jolly glad you can speak English! That worried me a bit as my Farsi is a bit rusty MOL. Marv old chap I hope you recover from your trip really quickly and settle down with mom Barb and the rest of the crew. Don’t worry I know they all love you to bits and are just glad you are there at last. بعدا میبینمت Austin the Tux


  17. Oh Marvelous, I am so happy you’re here! I also want to tell you that I think you are EVER so brave – such a long journey coming from a very hard life and circumstance to a Mommy who is giving you a brand new start in a beautiful home full of LOVE. All of us who knew you were coming are so excited for you. Rest up after your long trip and your hectic welcome to your new home – the other animals were excited to meet you too. All things in their time I guess dear Marvelous….for now, REST, EAT, RELAX – you are HOME! Angel Sammy and Angel Nellie and many other angels accompanied you on your trip – you will always have the Angel Brigade if you need them……………..I send you big but gentle HUGS!

    Love, Teddy


  18. Oh, what a handsome boy you are. You have come a long way and been through a lot of new experiences but we bet it won’t be too long until you will be feeling right at home with your new mom and all the furries. Welcome and hugs and nose kisses We hope your mom’s hand heals quickly. Hugs to her.


  19. Welcome, Marv, to your new home!! Things will only get better from now on. Your mom had been waiting for you for so long. I’m sure you’re going to be best buds soon!! We are so glad you made it safely to the other side of the world!! You are a very handsome kitty! Looking forward to reading all about your adventures. Love, Toby & The Wrecking Crew ❤️❤️❤️


  20. Hello Marv,I sure am glad to see you my new friend and I hope we get to be best Buddies.Nellie and Me had the most Marvelous Friendship and I do miss her very much.I just know we are going to have so much fun!Just take all the time you need to settle in,xx Speedy


  21. Marvelous you will settle in but give it some time and dont rush things. When things go slow they go right, You are really handsome and the Man Cats at our home are glad tO welcome a new fellow to to blogging, Yes Miss Fitz wants to say welcome too, Purr to our new Pal
    Timmy and Family


  22. ATCAD

    Well we are glad you are there and understand it was a bit traumatic for you but do try to give the large beast a break. Doggies are very nice and you can train him to do all sorts of stuffs for you.


  23. WELCOME!! You have adopted a great mom. And don’t worry, she knows you didn’t mean to hurt her. Hoomins heal, after all. 🙂 We look forward to getting to know you once you’ve settled in.


  24. spittythekitty

    Welcome to our side of the world, Marvelous! You are a very handsome kitty. First of all, don’t give another moment’s thought to the nibbled hand. Eh, it’s what Humans are for. Bite her again if she doesn’t keep that hell-hound and those two intruder kitties away. One good thing is that Meowese is a universal language so you can talk to them right away if you want to. Bad words in iran are just the same as the Bad words in Canada, so rest assured they’ll understand when you are telling them to keep their distance if they know what’s good for them. Tell them to take a gander at Mommy’s hand if they have any questions. Looking forward to see how things go up there! Meanwhile, I’m sure the noms are tasty and the litter is flingable. Your Pal, Spitty


  25. Welcome home, Marvelous 🙂 That must have been very scary for you, looking at your new family, except of your new momma of course, but we are sure that you are used to them in no-time. We hope your momma’s hand heals soon, we all would have react the same way as you. I hissed at my Granny yesterday, because she woke me up, but, hey, it’s our nature, we don’t do it on purrpose, right 😉 So glad you are finally hear. We were so excited too! Pawkisses for a wonderful Caturday and may the Angels watch over you…as we know sweet Nellie will do 🙂 ❤


  26. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That was a very long journey for you, Marv. Your new Mommy knows you didn’t mean to bite her and you were just overwhelmed by everything. I hope the bite heals well and is not too painful. You rest and you will soon get used to your family and find that the scary slobbery sister isn’t so scary after all. Love to you Marv!


  27. Katie Isabella

    Marvelous, I need to make Mommy subscribe to your bloggie. She didn’t know about these last two blogs until just now when she clicked on her bookmarks. Welcome again sweet guy and I know your fur family never meant to frighten you and that you never meant to bite your mommy. I hope her hand is healing and that you too are healing from the journey and all the strange things happening to you. You will learn to love your family and they will love you as well. XXXXX


  28. Marv, you are home dear boy. No need to fret…she is a nice lady. My mom went and visited with her and Nellie a couple of times. Dad too of course….they will want to visit with you and your mommy when they go through Vancouver again. You are such a well travelled mancat..wow! You could tell us stories that would curl our toesies. Relax and enjoy a new and happy life.

    Shoko and Kali


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