Starting to get comfortable


Good day dear furrends. I am starting to get used to my new home! I still like to go under the bed when my new Mommy comes into my room, but I will come out for treats…I have discovered I LOVE chicken. And last night I jumped on the bed in the middle of the night and demanded some pets and plays!

I have started to talk to too! I meow at my new Mommy and I meowed back at Kozmo after mommy got home from work today.  I have thought about leaving the bedroom too! When Mommy came in to play with me I peeked out the door and I would have run for the stairs…but THAT DOG was there!


And I played with Mommy for quite a while too. Alas, Mommy is very terrible at playing and taking pictures at the same time. She got lots of blurry pictures of the back of my head, half paws and pictures of the floor.

Mommy is feeling better, the medication she inhales has been helping. She slept better last night as she was not coughing too much.

I told her she should take some picture if my furblings too! They have found it difficult to NOT sleep with Mommy all night. Because I am in Mommy’s bedroom they can not come in. Mommy has been sleeping part of the night in the spare room with them and the other part in her bed with me. I wish she would spend the whole night with me, but I guess Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon want to sleep with her too.  I will let them.


My sister Jo Jo and I look very much alike. She and I are just about the same size but my  mother says my tail and head are much more manly!


My brother Kozmo spends a lot of time lying at the bottom of the closed door to my room. He talks to me all the time too. I have put my paw under the door to touch him. He is very soft!

And then there is the noisy slobbery beast!


Mommy says that she is a very friendly girl who LOVES cats and would only kiss me, but I am sure she would BITE me with her huge teeth! She barks too and that really scares me! Mommy says that tomorrow is Saturday and she will not have to go to work…she says she will put Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon in the other bedroom and let me explore the house for a little while. I am looking forward to that!

I am celebrating Friends on Friday with Ann at Zoolatry (and Zoe and Dougie the dog) Queen Penelope could not say enough about how they are so furry helpful with all the animals in the blogosphere! That they are the Best!!!


Look at the wonderful picture Ann made of me!

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Purrs Marv

36 thoughts on “Starting to get comfortable

  1. Hi Marv! So good to see you buddy. It looks like you are settling in really well! Don’t worry about Slobbery Cinny! She is just a big love bug! I hope you will be best buddies with my brother Kozmo – you look at him, you see me MOL!! Many good wishes to you too 😉 روز خوبی داشته باشی


  2. Oh Marv! You are looking so much more relaxed and at home. So you’ve discovered the joys of treats and chicken? That’s wonderful…..there’s a whole world of yummy stuff you’ll be discovering AND friends too like JoJo, Kozmo and even Cinni. I imagine you don’t even know that some dogs actually don’t want to bite and hurt you – they want to give you hugs and kisses – that’s Cinni for sure! Hope you have fun exploring the rest of your new home this weekend. Sounds like you are adjusting SO VERY WELL and that makes me and my Mom VERY happy! I’m sending you a hug from Virginia……

    Love, Teddy


  3. Oh Marv, you are looking marvelous, that is for sure. You are just so handsome. We are glad to hear that the Mom is feeling a little better. And that you are beginning to get used to your new home. You couldn’t have found a better one.You all have a fantastic day.


  4. Marv what a great post update you sure do look like you are feeling more comfy. OMCs once you get used to your furblings you will have lots of snuggle buddies during the cold winter.
    Happy Friday and may your explore lots tomorrow. Nellie is smiling down and looking after you
    Hugs madi your bfff


  5. Hi Marv! You are getting brave – and well done on having Mommy all to yourself. We have many felines here and we generally get on pretty well, but we must admit, we would hate to have a slobbery big doggo (or a yappy little one). But we know that under all that exterior is an excitable, waggy tail bundle of energy who only wants to be kind and nice to you.Cinnamon just is a bit, well, canine and hyper!
    Have a great Saturday and we look forward to hearing of your adventures.


  6. Marv! What a beautiful boy you are! And you’ve made splendid progress. It must be so hard for you to transition even though you are in a wonderful home. It’s only love and kindness from now on, dear Marv. You will learn to trust you mum and things will all fall into place.


  7. Are you happy in your new surroundings, Marv? I hope so but you seem to be adjusting. Being loved after being neglected so long takes a while to get used to. What’s important is you are making the effort. xoxo


  8. Yo Marv babeeee!!! great to see you starting to chill’ax. Wonderful you will let Mommie pet you and you play with her, purrfect. You will settle in as time goes on. You just won the best lottery ticket ever buddy


  9. Hey Marv! That’s a great post. We are so glad that you are beginning to settle into your new home. You know what? We have one of those big beasts of our own here and we love him! He is so soft and the best cuddle buddy. And he is pals with Cinnie, so we are sure she would be nice to you.

    Till the next time.

    The Chans


  10. Marv, WELCOME! I love you already! And you will learn that your furblings are wonderful..even the hairy slobbery one. Don’t be afraid and how wonderful that your mommy sleeps half the night with your furblings and half with you. XXXXX What a good mommy she is. But I know you know that!


  11. You are a sweetie and so adorable. How nice that you and Kozmo touch under the door, I am sure you ill be friends soon. That is sweet of your Mommy to divide up where she sleeps at night. XO


  12. Marv, we are so happy you’re getting more comfortable and at ease in your forever home! How exciting that you’ll get to explore the rest of the place tomorrow. 🙂

    Kozmo and JoJo are nice, and so is Cinnamon, even though she is bigger. You’ll be friends in time, we think.

    Love to you, Mommy (we are so glad she is getting better), and your furblings!


  13. Hi Marv! I must apologise for not being here sooner but the peep only just realised you have your own blog now! What a wonderful place it is too! Sounds like you are settling in very well with your mom and your surroundings. I bet when you get to check out the rest of the house and meet your fur sibs in the fur, as it were, you will see just how wonderful life can be. Take care and enjoy the different journey you have just started upon.
    PS Once you’ve settled, maybe we can talk Canadian cheese supply?


  14. Marv, you will rock the blogosphere, truly you will.

    The staff at Dash Kitten are preparing for your exclusive interview with our pen, paper and questions.

    Speak soon Dude!!!

    Miranda Kitten
    Dash Kitten Crew


  15. Nice to meet you, Marv! What a handsome cat you are, and you’ve had such an adventure to get to your new home. I’ll bet you’re going to love your whole family–even the dog–once you get really settled in and comfortable there. You’re going to have a lot of fun there! 🙂


  16. It is lovely to see you, Marv. I am glad you are settling in and wanting to play. I think you will have fun with Kozmo when you get to meet the rest of him as well as his paw under the door.
    I would have come to see you before, but we have been away for a few days with very patchy internet.


  17. I think it is totally right that your Mommy should spend 100% of the night with YOU. Who cares about those others? I mean, they’ve had her for years and years! AND they have one another. Let them sleep by themselves! Your Mommy should be there all night so she can get up and play with you and give you treats anytime you want some! Well, that’s what *I* think anyway. You are doing real good, Marv. If you need any advice, you know where I am. I learned a lot from Queen Nellie, and I bet she’d agree with everything I just said.


  18. We’re glad to hear things are goin’ so well Marv. We know how much your mommy luvs you and couldn’t wait fur you to get home where you belong. Those are all great fotos. have fun explorin’ da house. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  19. Hi, Marv! You are a handsome dude, and I am glad you are getting to enjoy being in your most furbulous new den.
    You are soon going to get really brave…I just know it! Glad that your Mom is feeling better with all those meds to help. You are helping too b sleeping with her so she can be peacefully purred into rest.

    Petcretary thinks your new role as a Canadian Spokeskitty is furry pawsome!


  20. Aw, I’m so happy for you that you found your forever home! My Sampson will sometimes chase a kitty in our house, but he isn’t being mean. He’s just a big guy who thinks he’s small, and thinks he’s playing. With Ollie (our daughter’s cat that used to live with us) he’d stick his nose under him when he was sleeping to try and wake him up. It didn’t bother Ollie at all.


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