(Almost) Selfie Sunday (#1)

Good Day dear furrends.

What an adventure yesterday! When my Mommy opened the door to the bedroom in the morning, I rushed out to greet my brother Kozmo! He and I touched noses. There was NO hissing or growling. As Mommy was going to stay home all day and rest, she left the door open. I (sort of) liked that. And I (sort of) did NOT like that.

My new sister Jo Jo and I were OK. I hissed and growled back at her (she started it). But I do NOT like Cinnamon! Every time I see her, I growl and hiss. When I tried to come down the stairs to the main level – where all the fun and excitement happen, she would come and greet me. I would run back upstairs and under my bed!

Last night, when my Mommy went to bed, she did not close the door. This was disturbing for me. I did not want the other animals in my space! Especially I did NOT want that horrible beast of a dog under my bed! That is my SANCTUARY!

Finally, Mommy got everyone out and she and Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon left and went to bed in the other room. I wanted my Mommy to come and sleep with me…so I yelled at her, she came back and slept with me..for a while. She spent half the night in the other bedroom and half the night with me.

Right now I am in the bedroom by myself. Mommy says shes “I AM Not up for your shenanigans, little boy!”  I don’t understand, I only bit her 8 times this morning!

Now here are some selfies of us for your viewing pleasure. None of us wanted to take any and none of us cooperated (except that horrible dog!)

First is Kozmo

That Kid BITES too much!
THIS is what I think of that BRAT!!
WELL! THIS is what I think of the 2 of YOU!!!
Mommy, you are so very tasty! Er Lovable!
That could not have hurt…you are only bleeding from 4 holes…
I told you to be careful Mommy! How many bandaids do you have on your hands now…? I count 10!
Oh My Cod!!! Quit bleeding on my Catio!!! It will scare the birds away!!!

And Last but not least CINNAMON!!!

Just throw the ball!!! Ignore the blood and the gore! Throw my Ball! Throw my Ball!

بسیاری از خواسته های خوب



We are participating in The Cat On My Head’s selfie Sunday!

It’s their 3rd Anniversary

Please click here to see the other pawticipants!


PS We were sad to read about Mitalee Honeybee and Esme at Critters in The Cottage! We just now read about it as Mommy has been so very sick and has NOT been keeping up. We LOVE LP and all the Critters. We send our Love, and much Strength.


27 thoughts on “(Almost) Selfie Sunday (#1)

  1. Mary McNeil

    Oh Marv – can you relax enough to believe your Mama loves you and will not let any harm come to you ? That will probably take awhile, huh ? Purrs & POTP to all of you !


  2. Well Marv, old boy, you are certainly making your presence felt!! MOL Poor Mommy! I do hope you settle in soon. They are really very nice peeps and anipals! بسیاری از خواسته های خوب to you too, buddy 🙂


  3. Marvelous, sounds as if your are “carving” out your place in your new home! We are sorry your mommy has been sick and hope she is feeling better. It does appear as if Jo-Jo and Kozmo are not quite sure about sharing their mommy with you. We’re certain everything will fall into place in time. Good luck, Marv. Thank you so much for being part of the 3rd anniversary Sunday Selfies hop. Hope you’ll join often. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  4. Oh Marvelous Marv…this cracked me up,”My new sister Jo Jo and I were OK. I hissed and growled back at her (she started it).” The same thing happens here BUT with my human sis…when she comes to visit.
    I used to be a hissy kitty with her now she has turned the tables on me she is a hissy sissy with me first.
    Welcome to the world of Female Felines. We have our own set of rules and they are liable to change in a nano second. Please don’t nip at the loving hands that feed you…
    Hugs and purrs for your 2nd week to dawn fresh and new
    Madi your bfff


  5. Oh dear you are having some settling in mishaps aren’t Marv,still it will sort it self out soon once you relax a little,I must hop over to see you at some point before Nellie comes and shouts at me….not that she would really but she will give me a little shove…see you soon buddy just keep an eye on the closet,xx Speedy


  6. Sweet Marv we see you are doing a very good job letting them all know what you think. 🙂 You know what it won’t be long until you are going to be real buddies with them all. Your mom loves you and all the furries just want to play with you. You will know that in time. Hugs and nose kisses


  7. Marvelous you are in the very beginning of a HUGE adjustment in so many ways….new sights, smells, feelings, humans and non-humans and for all we know, maybe dogs were not very NICE to you when you were growing up! Anyway, Cinni is a gentle soul which you will learn after you relax and realize that house is YOUR house and your Mommy is YOUR Mommy – she just has other kids who visit from time to time. You wait and see – soon you will know you are SAFE, nobody is going to hurt you EVER and you are a most lucky mancat! So happy to see some more photos of you – love the one with your tongue sticking out (tee hee)………Now one other thing – no more bitey on Mom. I know it’s not fair for me to lecture because my Mom’s arms are a mess from wrasslin’ with me – she has bandaids all over them – but biting is very HURTY for humans!

    Sending you big hugs,
    Your Pal Teddy


  8. Oh Marv, we’re so sorry you and Cinnamon aren’t gettin’ along. e don’t have any doggies here, but we can tell ya’, we don’t like ’em either. We can see them doin’ their business in our yard every day and we just hate that. But, we’re glad to hear things are goin’ purretty well. We’re sendin’ hugs and purrayers fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  9. Oh dear. We promise that soon it will all get better, be more peaceful, and you will feel safe and loved. And really, all we’ve heard about Cinnamon – she luffs kitteh cats.


  10. We’re sorry that your mom was sick, and we’re sorry that you don’t like Cinnamon (but we understand, we don’t like dogs either !). We’re sure time will help you to feel safe and make friend with your furry siblings. Purrs


  11. بسیاری از خواسته های خوب Many good wishes to you, Marv, and I think many good bandaids to your mom too. I do hope you give her a bite… er… BREAK on the bites, peeps don’t have that much blood spare.
    Anyways I think that you will be ok, though you will need to trust your mom and your new family and share. Even with the adorable Cinnamon, who really is your friend, will be able to share with you too, hugs and somewhere to hide and kneed with your paws.


  12. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    Those are lovely selfies from all of you. Marv, you really must try to not keep biting your mom. I know you have had a very hard time, but she is giving you a lovely home and you are safe now.


  13. Marv, if it’s possible, you sound worser than me. When you’re in bed with your mom, do you attack her? That’s when I always attacked TW. To this day, she shows no skin in bed. Heh. Right now I mainly go for ankles and lower legs but love a few bites of Pop’s hand. He tastes like chick-hen.


  14. Marv mate, one paw step at a time OK. Rome wasn’t built in a day but maybe it it had been it wouldn’t be quite to crowded now.

    OK We digress. Take. Your. Time. OK buddy.

    and a word to the wise…

    Don’t Bite Your Mom!!!!!

    She is a wonderful lady who has taken you in when so any would look away. Trust us, even the dog isn’t too bad. Just take it one day at a time….


  15. meowmeowmans

    We’re sure glad you and Kozmo are becoming friends, Marv. As for Jojo and Cinnie, we think you’ll come to be pals with them in due time. Whenever you’re ready, dear boy. Love and hugs!


  16. Kari

    You just need more time,Marv. Too much too fast. Maybe mum needs to spend all night with you until you fully bond with her.
    You might have been attacked by dogs in your past. You may never love you dog but you may learn to tolerate it’s presence. Maybe if the dog were lying down when you saw it you wouldn’t be so frightened. But first, fully bond with your mum and your kitty family. One step at a time You’re starting all over again. All of our love.


  17. Katie Isabella

    Marv, listen to us..we love you and we are your friends so we are telling you the truth. PLEASE stop biting your mommy. She loves you and she is making a home for you that you can feel safe in. There is no need to bite. All the selfies are wonderful and Marv, you do have away with words. XXX


  18. MrJackFreckles/Pipo & Angel Minko

    Have you a-purr-ogized for all those bitey holes yet??? ON+MC:(
    They must hurt.

    Our Angel Groucho was kind of like that for a while when he came to this den many long years ago…but he soon became a lover boy and loved his furblings, whom he mentored. We did not have a woofie back then, though.

    I love how you tell your tail to all of us here in Bloggerland…and now I even know how to have many good wishes in Persian:)
    See, I will tell that to dog-guy and my peeps, too.

    Now enough with trying to make your Mommy turn into a leaky lady…leaking blood is only allowed on Oct 31st…And she does not need any blood letting, that is an ancient practice not done anymore…teeth are for eating and chewing your nails! MOL!

    And if you stop those biteys and growls and hisses; the less stress for all, and that will help your Mommy get all better much faster. Of course I know you want that, right??!


    1. MrJackFreckles/Pipo & Angel Minko

      a-purr-ogized for all those bitey holes yet??? ON+MC:(

      MOL! That should be:
      …a-purr-logized for all those bitey holes yet??? OMC:(


  19. Miss Juliea, angel Izzy and now Patzy

    I came from the pound about a month ago and still play too rough with my new mommy. I bite her feet at night and she kicks me off the bed over and over. I also think her hands are neat-o toys. She’s had a number of good deep claw marks and young kitty bites. She usually keeps a kick toy like a nip nanner and she’ll trade that for her hand but I keep trying. I am just learning to trust her to pet me so I don’t attack her all the time. I swear I am just playing but nobody taught me how to be loved and held. I give her lots of nose kisses and purrs now but I cry when she tries to put me on her lap or pick me up. It just takes time when you are not used to the people’s world. I too have a dog but he is very old and it’s ok with me as long as he stays away from my food! Things will work out. Yours, Patzy


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