Fun On Friday!

FIRST! I want to thank Ms Ann (and Mr Doug and Ms Zoe of Zoolatry) for the most beautiful header! I am honoured!!!


I thought I would surprise my Mommy.  After she gets home from work, she she opens up the catio, my sanctuary door and takes the horrible beast for a walk.

When she gets back she cuts up chicken and heats up rice for the beast, gives us all some chicken tidbits and then she sits down in her chair.

Today, I surprised her!


When she came out to the living room I was in the Catio with Kozmo.

It is glorious! The breeze is fresh and the birds are so very close!


Oh Dear!
The horrible beast has finished eating and she is coming towards the catio!
Will I be trapped?


Thank Baast!
My Mommy is throwing the beast’s ball for her to chase!
I am safe…but I think I shall go  to my sanctuary anyway.

دوست عزیز عزیزم




21 thoughts on “Fun On Friday!

  1. Marvelous my Mom says you are absolutely ADORABLE…….I don’t mind if she says that because she tells ME I am adorable too! You look more at ease and while you do need to keep an eye out for Cinni since you’re just a bit afraid of her, you know she would just give you big slobbery kisses if she COULD get close to you…………I’m glad you like the catio – what a great spot for bird watching and fresh breezes. I’m glad you’re making friends with the others though – that makes my heart happy!!!! My Mom and I send you BIG HUGS and one for your Mommy too……….

    Love, Teddy


  2. Hi Marv!! I am chuffed to bits you are hanging out with my twin, Kozmo! He’s a fun guy!! My mummy also says that you are one handsome devil!! Sheesh!! So fickle! MOL آخر هفته ی خیلی خوبی داشته باشید 🙂


    1. با تشکر از شما آستین، من آخر هفته خوبی خواهد داشت

      Austin told me in Farsi to have a great weekend, I replied, “Thank you Austin, I will have a great weekend”.


  3. Marv yay you for venturing out…we commend you after only being there for a bit over a week. Good job brave boy. Tell the beast if she shares her chickHEN you’ll be her friend!
    Hugs madi your bfff


    1. Hi Guys,
      I just now realized your comments were going to my SPAM. If you were wonderuing why your past comments were not showing, they are now!


  4. In my past experience dogs aren’t to be trusted, but I have learned that when they are with the peep you live with, they are usually very friendly and can even be trained too to help you with your feline needs! Enjoy the birds too, I love playing with my feathered pals, and rest assured you are safe with your new family.
    PS Your new Header is a real delight XOX


  5. meowmeowmans

    That’s a most wonderful surprise you gave Mommy, Marv! We love how you and Kozmo were enjoying the catio together.


  6. MrJackFreckles/Pipo & Angel Minko

    That is the kind of surprise all kitty peeps love to see! And of course so do we:)

    You are getting braver, Marv! Love it:)


  7. Don’t worry Marv, your mommy will always make sure you’re safe. You’ve nuffin’ to worry ’bout from da beast or anythin’ else. Dat’s great you have a catio. Wish we had one. MOL Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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