Selfie Sunday #2

Hi Furrends!


I wanted to tell you that I have NOT bitten (or scratched) my Mommy in 3 days! I now come out of my sanctuary in the evening–and last night, I sat on the sofa while my Mommy was reading. The horrible beast was laying on the floor, Kozmo was in the catio and Jo Jo was laying on the top of the cat tree.  Also, I no longer hiss and growl at the horrible beast, I do not run away until she tries to smell me.

Today Mommy was laying on the sofa (all day) as she is still not well and watched television and read. I was in my sanctuary (though the door was open). The horrible beast played chase the ball down the stairs most of the day, Kozmo spent his day in the catio, and Jo Jo, well I am not too sure where she was…. Just before supper time, Mommy said it was selfie time!


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Cinnamon is waiting for Mommy to throw the ball!!


Jo Jo at the top of the cat tree…can you tell she is miffed that Mommy made her turn around to look at the phone?


Kozmo was having trouble pushing the button of the phone (or was this when I whapped his butt?)

SS-2-5And lastly is me! I am cuddling with my Mommy and I was smiling!

We are participating in The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday! Please click their badge to go to their blog and see all the other participants!

BlogHopAlso, last week I, Marvelous was interviewed by for their Worldwide Bloggers! It was very exciting!
They are in New Zealand, I am an Iranian cat who now lives in Vancouver!
If you have not read my interview yet, you can click the button and be transported to their site to read about me!

Dash-InterviewMany Purrs


25 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday #2

  1. Marv, welcome to the selfies. It is so great to see you and I know the Kitties Blue will be thrilled too!
    You take the most PAWsome selfie, and Kozmo did make us laugh (sorry Kozmo!!)

    We love the badge, AND thank you for the opportunity to interview you. It is not often we get someone from so far away but we see you are settling in bit, by bit (er… not bite by bite…. *giggle)

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew


  2. What a wonderful interview you did with Dash Kitten dear Marv. Bravo! I’m also very happy to learn you have decided to stop biting your Mommy. I think you just needed to RELAX more and now that you have learned this is your NEW home, and the other animals there aren’t going to hurt you (or eat you!) you will relax even more and know for sure this is a FOREVER! I’m so excited for you and so happy to be your friend.

    Love, Teddy


  3. We sure hope Mommy feels better soon. Those were such great selfies. Good job Marv. Marv, it sounds like you are beginning to feel at home there. You all have a super day.


  4. cecilia07

    Well done Marv! Your are such a brave mancat. We are sorry your mom is feeling poorly we hope she is better today
    Hugs Madi your bffff


    1. We just saw that we are supposedly commenting from our WordPress account. We need to change that sine setting that up was done by accident 100 years ago we don’t have a WP blog


  5. What can I say, but you are one great guy, Marv, and Im sure your mom will be smiling seeing you smile beside her (and not having bit her too). Keep up the great work, and before you know it that pesky but loveable doggie will be your best pal.
    Hugs and headbumps and purrrs
    PS Did you really what Kozmo’s butt!?


  6. meowmeowmans

    Marv, it makes us so happy that you’re doing so well in your new home, with Kozmo, Jo Jo, Cinnie and Mommy. And your selfies are terrific! 🙂

    Purrs and prayers for Mommy. We hope she is feeling better soon.


  7. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That’s a lovely selfie, Marv. Everyone has taken a lovely one, but Kozmo’s made me laugh where he looked surprised because you whapped his butt.
    I am glad you have stopped biting your Mommy, and I am sure she is too. I hope she soon feels better.
    I almost forgot; I enjoyed your interview over at Dash Kitten.


  8. Kari

    You are making enormous progress, darling Mary. We’re so proud of you! There are many Canadian and American kitties who have needed more time to adapt to their new homes. A world full of love and kindness is alien to you and you probably expect something terrible to happen to you again at any moment.
    But it won’t! And it never will again!
    You look so handsome in your photo. The girl cats are swooning and more than a few mum’s too, we’re sure.


  9. Marv!!! That is a most PAWESOME SMILE! I can tell you are relaxing now and you look sooooo much happier!! Makes me so happy to see that! Cinnamon cracks me up, that sweet girl!! Hoping Mommy is on the mend soon!!!! xoxo


  10. MrJackFreckles/Pipo & Angel Minko

    Wow, Marv! You really know how to make selfies!
    And so does Cinnamon…and of course your Kozmo and JoJo do too!

    Your smile is wonderful, and it helps us know you are getting furmiliar and comfy with your new digs.

    POTP and pawyers for your Mom to get to feeling better.


  11. Katie Isabella

    MARV! I am so very very proud of you. Thank you for trying hard to be a blessing in the household. Good boy. *smooch*

    Kozmo…you are the handsomest boy EVER in the Tuxedo family. Jo-Jo, a gorgeous demure looking little girl but I know you’re not demure at all. Cinnamon, I feel you need extra loves for being so forbearing.

    pee ess: I read your interview!


  12. Oh Marv, dat’s pawsum mews. And your selfie is da bestest one of all. Eveypawdy looks great tho’. We’re so glad to hear dat you’re startin’ to settle in and things are goin’ so well. We’re sorry your mommy isn’t feelin’ so good. We’re havin’ a little trouble ourselves. So, we’re sendin’ lots of purrayers. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  13. Marvelous, that is absolutely the best kitty smile we have ever seen. Seeing it made our mom smile really big too. We think Kozmo’s selfie must have been when you whapped him on the butt. That is the most surprised we have ever seen any kitty. So, it sounds as if you are beginning too settle into your new home, which is great. And bravo on not wounding your mommy in three whole days. Keep up the good behavior. Thanks so much for hopping. Tell Mom barb that her paintings of Minko are absolutely gorgeous. She is super talented. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


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