Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day


Today I am dedicating my blog to Queen Penelope


Queen Penelope was a very tiny cat. She did, however have a HUGE personality! When she was living with Mommy, she was exactly as Mommy portrayed her on her blog. She appeared thorny (she hisses, swatted and would bite gently) but she was mostly all bluster and actually was a cream puff.


She actually LOVED road trips! Her first one was about 5 days after she went to live with Mommy and Daddy. Hissy old Licorice was singing the songs of our People, and Nellie chimed in! She continued to sing on all the trips until Hissy old Licorice went over the bridge. When he was no longer singing, she quit. laid back and enjoyed almost all of her trips after that.


She LOVED to go camping! Her favorite place was Lassie Lake (where she camped for 17 years). lassie Lake is where she got “lost” for a week. Mommy and Daddy were sure that she had become Owl lunch. 6 days after she went missing, they went back up and found her sitting on the picnic table. She yelled at them for half an hour about how she went for a walk and they disappeared. After that incident, whenever they went camping, Nellie  was ALWAYS in sight and would immediately go into the tent if they headed towards the boat!


She was a prodigious Mouse Hunter!
She used to lay them in front of the door to the garage. One morning Mommy found 23 dead mice all in a row. She also liked to catch birds. Alas, she caught several humming birds when she was younger, precipitating Mommy to get rid of the humming bird feeder.

She loved to “visit” her friends. In the evenings, she would sit with Mommy when she was reading our friend’s blogs and Nellie would watch closely. Some of her favorites were:

Speedy (especially his videos)

As a matter of fact, Speedy was her favorite Man Furrend!




Eric & Flynn


Merlin (the only man cat she married!)

Katie&Nel1 copy

Katie Isabella

MagicCarpet-Cold copy

Kali and Shoko

cody and nellie from barb




On a VERY Sad note – Allred – the Devil Cat at the Canine Country Club went over the bridge today! He was Nellie’s partner.


Allred, Vickie will miss you, but I am sure you and Nellie are having a rip roaring time!

There were so very many more, but I have run out of room!
I am sorry that I never met Queen Penelope in the fur… but if it had not been for her, I would not be here. I am helping you all remember her with LOVE




26 thoughts on “Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

  1. Oh Marv!! Nellie was truly a unique character and I am so proud to have been her friend!! She was the best fun AND she supported me when I stood for public office AND we nearly won!!! You are filling big shoes buddy, but I think you will do just fine!! صلح به برادر من

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  2. Oh my goodness! Nellie was a character and beloved by so many! If I do recall, I think she helped manage Austin’s campaign for my Cat Ruler of the World Contest! Thank you for sharing the memories for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. Purrs from Deb, the Zee/Zoey gang, and Purr Prints of the Heart.


  3. We dearly loved Nellie and she helped us meet so many of our friends. We know she is watching with love and knows we miss her. Purrs sweet Queen until we meet again
    Timmy and Family


  4. Thank you for this beautiful post about Nellie. We learned some things about her today that we never knew. She may not be there in the fur, Marvelous, but trust us, she is watching over you. She is included on our blog today. You can find her between two of her favorite man cats…Sammy and Flynn. She was one of a kind. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  5. What an honor it is to be included in this special post remembering Nellie, it is still sooooooooo hard for us to comprehend that she is gone, but she really isn’t………..she lives on in these lovely posts/photos, and in our hearts, and she always will ((((hugs))))


  6. Seeing the marvy new header and M’s new life chronicled is the best tribute to Nellie. Life goes on and we are richer for having loved our 4-legged beloveds. Nellie was our favorite meezer after Merlin and they will sprinkle their magic stardust wherever they go. xox


  7. I miss Nellie so much and wish we could have been much closer and would have visited me altho she did come when she was campaigning for Joe and Smoke. Nellie sure was larger than life and the life of the pawty.


  8. Katie Isabella

    I truly miss Nellie with all my heart Marv, and I want to thank you for featuring our Queen today as you did. You have a loving heart Marv, and I think you are learning to be loving from your mommy and Cinnamon. The other two siblings will fall under your spell before long. I already have.

    Nellie taught me and Admiral both..but especially me not to be jealous of mancat furriends she was having a good time with because she invited me along a few times and we all three, her mancat and she and I. had the most fun ever. Sometimes we went on jaunts around the world to differing places and had a blast. Just to see that laughing and beautiful face again would be such a gift. Admiral and she hang out at Admiral’s cafe now on the Bridge and I do believe they GOSSIP! XXXOOO


  9. Dearest Marv
    Good Queen Nellie would have been honoured by your tribute and recounting of her wondrous life and loves…. She will be missed by us all, truly she was one of a kind, and deserves her place in all our hearts.
    Sending you gentle purrs this day, remembering one so dear, so near and yet so far away…
    Gentle purrrs


  10. Marvelous this is such a beautiful tribute to Queen Nellie…….she was such a special little lady who had friends the world over who loved her as their own. My brother Sammy adored her. I think it was so amazing that she made sure your Mommy found you and brought you all the way from Iran to live with her and enjoy your life like Nellie enjoyed hers. We know she’s with you every day looking out for you and being your Guardian Angel. Please tell your Mommy we send a hug to her as she remembers the most special life of the REAL Queen of Hearts.

    Hugs, Teddy


  11. What a great memory posty Marv. Nellie was one of a kind and is missed terribly. But, we know she’s in a better place, and as you said, ifin not fur her leavin’, we wouldn’t get to know you. Sendin’ big hugs and lots of purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  12. Nellie had something super extra special about her. I can’t put it into words … but you can see the proof in all the people (and cats and bunny) who love her. I love these stories about her – we were a little late to the blogosphere and all the stories were new to us. I can’t believe Nellie snagged 23 mice! Holy cat! Despite her telling off her Mommy and being a bit opinionated … she obviously loves your Mommy very much. TWENTY-THREE mice worth!!!


  13. Trying very hard not to get a wet keyboard here……

    I was very late to discovering Nellie but enjoyed her company immensely. Such a special cat would never be forgotten.

    You tread in illustrious paw steps there Marvelous.


  14. Kari

    We feel such a loss for not really knowing Nellie. Reading all about her reminds us of our late Coco ( male) – she looks just like him too. What a pair they’d have been, two merry meezers.
    Can you feel her presence when she is near?


  15. meowmeowmans

    Nellie was the bestest, Marv. We loved how you and Mommy remembered her for Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. We know that she is happy and healthy and whole again, waiting with Moosey and Sammy and so many other friends until the day we are all reunited. Hugs!


  16. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    Oh Marv, this is such a beautiful remembrance post for Queen Nellie. We make so many friends through blogging and some cats really capture our hearts, and Nellie was one of them.
    She came to visit Flynn when Eric had to leave us, and that was a comfort to him and me. I know they are all having a wonderful time hunting those mousies at the Bridge. She is always loved and remembered.
    I am glad she found you for your Mommy. She made the best choice.


  17. MrJackFreckles/Pipo & Angel Minko

    Marvelous, you sure know how to make a wonderfur tribute to your Angel Sisfur, Queen Nellie.
    She sure was a character and I am glad I got to know her, too, even though it wasn’t long enough fur sure. Minko and her along with so many others are likely having a great time roaming the nip meadows, chasing butterflies and coming back to check on us here on earth from time to time.

    I hope your Mom is feeling some better by now. You make sure she rests, OK?!
    I am glad that now I have made your acquaintance and hope to ‘know’ you for a furry long time…and all your doings and antics, as I am sure there will be many!

    ((((( ♥ )))))


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