Tuxie Thursday

Hi Furrends! This is my first post on Marv’s blog.
I would tell you how we are getting along, but I am sure you are tired of hearing about him…


Marv’s hijinx are starting to wear me down, playing referee between him and Jo Jo is really getting tiring, I need some ADULT company!
And I remembered reading that Katie Isabella got a new tunnel.
So, I used Nellie’s old tunnel here, to visit her.


Katie is the hostess with the mostest!
We had a GRAND time!
I would tell you some of the antics we got into…
But a Gentleman Cat NEVER kisses and tells!
(my twin – Austin taught me that! You rock Buddy…we need to go out for libations and catch up…)


I can’t wait for my next visit!!!
Here’s a Kiss for you Sweet Cheeks!!!


Now I will have the most pleasant of dreams….


Head Butts!





35 thoughts on “Tuxie Thursday

  1. Kozmo, you two must have had a wild time. You seem totally exhausted. We are happy that you had a bit of a reprieve from the excitement at your house. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


    1. Hi CK,
      I don’t think Mario would be jealous…
      Hes an easy going guy.
      Now, who would I have to worry about if I came to visit you?
      Head Butts


  2. Hi Koz! Angel Sammy told me ALLLLLLLLLLLLL about you and how he was a member of your FBI and had some adventures with you. You do look comfy on your little “perch” there and how pawsome that you got to use Angel Nellie’s tunnel to visit your girlfriend Katie. It’s nice to meet you!

    Hugs, Teddy


  3. Oh Kozmo…your visit was just supreme! You are sooooo mancatly! So handsome and dressed so fashionably. Your shirt is snowy, and so are your spats! Your comportment (except in my girl cave where your comportment is beyond fine…wowzers) is superb and your manners are just so. WHAT a mancat about the CB. THANK you for the unexpected visit. Come by any time. Your kisses are like sugar plums!


  4. Oh Bro!!! I should be jealous, but I’m not!!! We are the Towering Tuxies of Tuxington! We rock!!! Miss Katie is the luckiest of gal kitties having both of us to swoop in and plight our collective troth right there in her living room!! She is furry blessed is she not!! Hi5s buddy!!! 😉 Libations and brewskis soonest k?

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  5. Hi Kozmo. Sure sounds like you deserved that break away with your beloved. Trouble with all these things is that you only have to come back to the fray later. On the plus side, whilst they’re not, you’ve the perfect reason to keep taking holidays away!
    Toodle pip


  6. That was fun to tunnel through to Katie Isabella!
    That sure tired you out though, MOL!

    It was good to see you here, well after all you do have the same furbulous Mommy as Marv:)


  7. How wonderful that you got to visit Katie Isabella, Kozmo! She’s beautiful and so sweet, isn’t she?

    Great job making sure Marv and JoJo don’t get too rambunctious. Those young ‘uns are exhausting, huh?!



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