Selfie Sunday #6

This week, it is just me! Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon are in Midway, enjoying the hots. It is raining and cold here. But that is OK. It makes sleeping at night easier. It is awfully quiet though, without Kozmo to chase!


I set up the cell phone on a shelf by the bed but trying to push the button and get into place – I got all blurry!


I set the timer…but I forgot to look!!


There! I got it purrfect! I send you all Marvelous Kisses!!!

Yesterday I was at Angel Sammy and Teddy’s blog pawticipating in the annual Bacon Harvest! harvest2017-marvsamyp

Here is Me and Sammy P (from 15 and Meowing) in the greenhouse. I had so very much fun! Thank you!


Did I do OK, Mommy?

Can I have extra treats?

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Thankful Thursday

Me and my Mommy has a very brief visit from Kali and Shoko‘s Daddy!


I was quite disappointed that he did not arrive on their flying carpet and did not bring them (or their Mommy). I am thankful he brrought Me, Marvelous and new feather want toy!


He bringed Mommy soup and cookies – neither of which interested me, but Mommy was a piggy and ate loads of cookies (she is very thankful for the soup and the cookies though).


I played with the wand for the rest of the evening! You can see a video of me playing with it on Facebook –

Ms Kali, Ms Shoko, Mommy and Daddy, I am thankful that you are my furrends and that you gave me such a wonderful gift! I will treasure it (until I have deaded it good).




PS I am joining Mr Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop because I want everyone to know how thankful I am for Kali, Shoko and their Mommy and Daddy and how thankful I am for all the purrayers that everyone has been sending for my Mommy and the infection she got in the bones in her hand from my bite – it is getting better but very slowly.



Tranquility at last

Good Day Furrends!
Last night I, Marvelous


Jovial Jo Jo


Korageous Kozmo


and Contented Cinnamon


Did NOT play great thundering herds all evening and night!!

For the first time since they came back, we laid around while Mommy and Daddy watched some television after supper. And we did NOT chase around after the lights went out. And 3 of us even slept on the bed!

Mommy says it figures….
Daddy is taking Jo Jo, Kozmo and Cinnamon back to Midway today!

I shall miss them furry much.



Selfie Sunday #5

Good Day Dear Furrends!
What a week! Mommy became a BORG!


A little over a week ago, they put a PICC line in her arm. This last week she learned how to give herself her Antibiotics and does not have to go to the hospital every day.

Now its selfie time!


I am busy can you please start with somebody else Mommy?


Jo Jo wants to send everybody loads of head butts!


I’m still busy, come back later Mommy!


Kozmo is a little miffed that I, Marvelous have the wand toy! But hes happy to see you too!


Mommy, I’m just about done…do Cinnie and I will get ready!


Yes…Cinnamon IS waiting for her ball to be thrown!

Selfie-Marv 3

OK Mommy, I am ready! And I want to send out special Purrayers to Phoebe at 15 and Meowing! She is furry ill and her family could use our support.

Also Zoe from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life‘s Kevin and Tracy went over the bridge. We are sending them our Love, Purrs and Strength!


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Artsy Caturday

Hi my Furrends! It is so very wonderful to see you!

I, Marvelous, am once again participating in Athena’s Caturday Art! This week, like the last time, we used no online filters but did it old school with Photoshop.

We used layers and filters and luminosity modes and voila!


You can see all the other great pet art on Athena’s Blog!
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Meowing Like a Pirate!

Ahoy Maties!!!

It is I, Marvelous also knows as 2nd Mate Fishbait Magee, and my crew members Kozmo (Old Sea Legs Yeager) Jo Jo (Frog Lady Cassandra) and Cinnamon (Racy Lacey Grog Master) and our Captain Angel Queen Penelope are setting sail on the good ship Lollipop!


We are heading over to Captain Speedy’s and we hope you are too! It will be the best Pirate gathering ever!!!

I am so very excited!

I even have an official Pirate Portrait!

Marv-TalkLikeAPirate-2017 copyPurrs


Selfie Sunday #4

What a week!

Thursday evening Daddy, Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon came back to my townhouse!

I, Marvelous have been having great fun chasing (and terrorizing) Komo and Jo Jo up and down the stairs after the parents go to bed! Kozmo has a very loud growl and MMMEEERRRROOOWWW!

Mommy and Daddy do not seem to appreciate my exhibiting my authority!

I, however, believe I am KING of my Castle!

Selfie Sunday 9-17

Daddy took a shot of Kozmo when he told him he was coming to Vancouver


I think he is saying NNNoooooooooOOOOoooooo!!!

And a shot of Jo Jo


She was trying to eat her breakfast before the journey.

And Ever ready Cinnamon!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAre you packed yet Daddy?

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This week they are Celebrating Allie and Raz’s Daddy who went over the bridge this week. We are so very sad and send Alie Raz and their Mommy all our love and strength!



Selfie Sunday #3


Dear Furrend,

this morning I, Marvelous, was playing with one of my wonderful toys! This is a scratcher that has a ball that I can bat around and around and around! I find that almost all the balls I have have ended up under the big white box that has food in it. This one…it goes in circles!

My Mommy said, “Marv, shall we take some selfies so we can pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday?” and I promptly agreed!

Today we tried the tablet. The pictures are not as crisp as the phone or the camera, but I can find the buttons!


Hmm, I did not get my face very well. This is difficult!


Now I am looking at the button I am pushing instead of at me!



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We also send prayers, purrs and POTP to Allie and Raz’s (Friends Furever) dad, Bill.


We are also purraying for the people who have been affected by Irma (and Jose).



PS. I must apologize to you. I have missed much blogging.

Alas, the bite that I did to my Mommy when I first arrived at my new palace has caused much difficulty. My poor Mommy has to visit the hospital every day where they fill her full of antibiotics and now they are talking about slicing and dicing!!
When the whole nightmare is complete my Mommy and I will blog about the ordeal.
If you could,  please send purrs for my Mommy?