Caturday Art #3

Hi Furrends!

It has been a while since my Mommy has helped me write a post. But I, Marvelous, said we should blog once this week. I have much news!


Here are the 3 of us enjoying the warm weather on Wednesday evening.I was inside and was a little miffed that Kozmo was in my spot, instead of his at the top of the catio, but Jo Jo gets very angry if she is disturbed.


Cinnamon, Jo Jo, and Kozmo (and Daddy) went home Thursday. I was unsure why Daddy was taking them to his truck and did not take me! And when my Mommy came home, I was sad they were gone and I told her that!


Today, my Mommy slept in. This was strange. Cinnamon is very good at getting my Mommy out of bed at 6 am no matter what day of the week it is. I felt it was my duty to make sure that she awaken and get me my breakfast, but she told me that breakfast would be later this morning. I felt that was OK. I snuggled up and we went back to sleep. When Mommy got up, she immediately got me my breakfast.

She had errands but when she got home, we took some photos and my Mommy and I did our Caturday Art! I am quite pleased. Today we did not use any online programs, but we took my photo and Mommy showed me how we use Photoshop. I am very pleased with the result.

First, here is the photo!


And here is our Photoshop Watercolour of ME! Marvelous!


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21 thoughts on “Caturday Art #3

  1. Hey Handsome Marv!
    Whew…thank goodness you all had a great time together and I was afraid you were going to say you ran Daddy and they others away. MOL
    We love your Caturday art
    Hugs madi your bfff and MOm


  2. Oh Marv, sure looks like you are doing well there and we know that makes the Mom very happy. You sure are a handsome dude. You all have a great weekend.


  3. Looks like you have settled in really well, Marv. It will probably feel a bit strange with the others gone, but just think, you will have your Mommy all to yourself. Your art is lovely.


  4. Marv…you are so unique with your beautiful coat. Your arty work is spectacular my friend. You know Jo Jo, Cinnamon and Kozmo will return…so you’ll see them again but now the house is yours. hehe



  5. Hi Marvelous! I’m sorry you got a little sad when the other family members left but I just know for sure you will see them again soon…………meanwhile you and your Mom can spend some “quality time” together snuggling and getting to know each other better! You look so happy in your new home – we’re glad about that! You and your Mom did a GRAND job with your artsy photo today! It’s beautiful and I love how your whiskers turned out! Sending you tons of hugs from your friend in Virginia………

    Love, Teddy


  6. You sure do have a lot of news, Marvelous, but it was fun to play catch up. TW tried using the PS watercolor filter but it certainly didn’t cut as nice as your’s. She didn’t use masks and stuff. I love your art.


  7. Marvelous, you truly are marvelous. Your markings are incredible, and the art is gorgeous. Now you will have to get accustomed to an entirely new normal where you have your mommy all to yourself. We bet you’ll like it. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  8. Hey Marv, you look as though you have settled in really well and even missing the gang when they go!! Result!! The artwork makes you look even more handsome if that is possible!!


  9. Oh MARV, you look great there in your watercolor. And thank you or letting your mommy rest awhile longer this morning. You are a considerate boy! Are you still working hard to keep your claws tucked up tight into your soft little paws? And you “for eating only” teefs covered and ready for the next meal? Good boy. I may come and see you if Nellie says it’s OK. I will ask her. Then I will ask you. xxxooo


  10. We think you and Mommy did great with that art, Marv. And even though they went home now, it’s nice that you ended up being okay with Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnie!


  11. That art looks like a real painting like that which your Mommy makes…I look at Minko’s evfurry day:)

    Glad you are doing well…and wow now you are a real honest to goodness Canadian House-kitty! Hooray!
    You are going to look forward to the next time you get to see your furblings, Kozmo, JoJo and Cinnamon!

    Purrs & Hugs!


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