Selfie Sunday #3


Dear Furrend,

this morning I, Marvelous, was playing with one of my wonderful toys! This is a scratcher that has a ball that I can bat around and around and around! I find that almost all the balls I have have ended up under the big white box that has food in it. This one…it goes in circles!

My Mommy said, “Marv, shall we take some selfies so we can pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday?” and I promptly agreed!

Today we tried the tablet. The pictures are not as crisp as the phone or the camera, but I can find the buttons!


Hmm, I did not get my face very well. This is difficult!


Now I am looking at the button I am pushing instead of at me!



We are participating in The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday! Please click their badge to go to their blog and see all the other participants!


We also send prayers, purrs and POTP to Allie and Raz’s (Friends Furever) dad, Bill.


We are also purraying for the people who have been affected by Irma (and Jose).



PS. I must apologize to you. I have missed much blogging.

Alas, the bite that I did to my Mommy when I first arrived at my new palace has caused much difficulty. My poor Mommy has to visit the hospital every day where they fill her full of antibiotics and now they are talking about slicing and dicing!!
When the whole nightmare is complete my Mommy and I will blog about the ordeal.
If you could,  please send purrs for my Mommy?



28 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday #3

  1. Oh Marv, I bet you are really sorry about accidentally hurting your mommy!!! I think you must have been very frightened!! Mummy and I send our bestest purrs and prayers that mommy will be better soon!

    PeeEss great selfie, bro!!


  2. Memories of Eric and Flynn

    That is a lovely selfie, Marv. I am sorry that your Mommy is having so much trouble from the bite you gave her. I hope you don’t bite her any more now you know you are safe. I send good thoughts for the infection to be killed off and for her to quickly get better again.


  3. Oh Marvelous, this is a very bad thing for your mom. We know you didn’t mean to hurt her. We pray she doesn’t need to have that slicing and dicing. That’s what happened to our mom after that scorpion sting she had got infected. It was a nasty business. You have the most precious face, and we think your selfies came out just as marvelous as you are. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  4. oh dear my Grandpa suffered a bite like that and he had to go to the hospital like your mummy but he got better in the end just like you mummy will soon,but don’t worry I shall send her lots of snuggle to get well again.Splendid Selfie though Marv,xx Speedy


  5. Oh, no, your poor mom! Know you didn’t mean to hurt her like that but cat bites are very painful and persistent. Sure hope your mom will be okay soon! Jan was once bitten by a stranger’s cat and it tore a vein between her fingers and she finally had to go to the hospital to stop the bleeding.

    Great job with the selfies.


  6. Great selfie Marv. We know you didn’t mean to hurt the Mom. We sure send tons of purrs and prayers to the Mom in hopes that finger gets all better and soon. Sending lots of good thoughts to her too. Keep us posted.


  7. Marv that is truly a fabulous selfie but ALL of the photos are super! You not only are one handsome dood but you are learning how to be a great photographer! We are very sorry that the bitey you did on Mom when you first got here has gone septic but I’m sure the hospital is taking care of your Mom very well – maybe they will need to remove the infected tissue…..but she doesn’t blame you – she knows you were very scared and nervous after your long trip. Now that you know she loves you to bits, I’m sure you won’t be a “Mr. Bitey” again!

    Love, Teddy


  8. Marv what a wonderful selfie and that is a million dollar smile for sure.

    Dear meeeeee we are so sorry about your mom’s hand. We have heard of other furiends this same thing has happened to so we know how much it must hurt and how very serious it can be. We will send her tons and tons of get well wishes.


  9. Nice selfie, Marv. It really is too bad about the bite. Our beloved Trav bit our #1 really hard on his last day before crossing the Bridge and she immediately went on antibiotics. It seems we kitties have pretty scary bites!

    The Chans


  10. Mary McNeil

    Oh Marv- I am praying for everybody you said to ! I have had a couple of bad cat bites, but did not have to go to the hospital, so I saying extra prayers that your Mama gets better soon.
    Your selfies are great ! I am so glad you are liking your life now that you know it is “fur real.”


  11. You look marvelous! OMC! I hope by slicing and dicing you don’t mean ampytation. Aunt Pauline heard tell when she went to hospital for a cat bite that the person before her had that ampytation. Sending healing purrz to your human. BTW, TW once told Pop that if any of my bites send her to hospital, I’ll be looking for a new home.


  12. Marv, for a selfie beginner, you are already getting it down! I’m sending your human purrs. One of our pals in Sweden got a cat bite when she was trying pill her husband’s cat – and wound up in the hospital for days! And sliced and diced a couple of times. AND she went to the doctor within 12 hours of being bit. Those bites can get so nasty, and fast.


  13. meowmeowmans

    Marv, that is one primo selfie, dude! We’re so sorry about Mommy having problems with that bite. We are purring and praying, for sure!


  14. Oh heck! I am sending purrs and prayers and mice to help your mom get better very soon. We thinks you’ve done really well on the selfie, I can’t use those tablets as they just make me think of going to the vets MOL
    Toodle pip and purrs ERin
    PS The mice aren’t for taking with water, but if you let them loose chasing them will keep your mums mind off the pain.


  15. MrJackFreckles/Pipo & Angel Minko

    Hey, you really know how to make good selfies!

    POTP, and prayers for your Mommy. I sure do hope no ‘slicing and dicing’ will be needed…but if so, those infection docs do know how to help. So sorry that she has to go through this ordeal…but we know you did not mean to cause so much trouble.
    Purrs & Hugs!


  16. Kari

    Marv, you have a marvelous face! What a handsome boy! We’re looking forward to seeing more of you. Yes, we are! Your arrival at your new home was more than you could cope with. New cats and a d-o-g after a long, harrowing trip don’t make introduction to a new home the easiest thing. Even us secure kitties can panic bite . Our mum got bit during kitty bath time and had to eventually have an I&D of the lesion. The biter didn’t even know what he did and continued to cuddle and licked mum as usual.


  17. Katie Isabella

    Dearest Marv and Mommy Barb, I am in admiration of that most excellent selfie you took, Marv. You have become the consummate photographer. Mommy made me use that word. NO idea what it means. But meanwhile, I will purr for your mommy and my mom said she will pray for a good outcome. I know you did not intend for that to happen, but it did. Please remember what we whispered about when I visited you via my tunnel and we met UTB last week. No more laying on the bitey. Our mom’s are precious and they are fragile. 💗


  18. Oh, Marv, I’m sure you didn’t mean to hurt your mom on purpose, but this sounds very serious. Here come Healing Pawkisses for your mom and we hope she feels better soon ❤ ❤ ❤
    Your pictures are marvelous, Marv…how could they not be 😉 Extra Pawkiss for you too 🙂 ❤


  19. mariodacat

    We are sending pawprayers and purrs for your mommy. I tried to bite my monny when I first came here too. But that was before I startted to realize that she would never, negver hurt me and reallyy did love mer. She thinks the people who had me before M & D must have played roughj with me, and that is how I learned hjow to play rough right back. Give her lots of kitty kissses tro tell hrer you are sorry, annd she’ll forgive you.


  20. Hello Marv! Found you through Two Spoiled Cats blog… going to be reading here! So sorry about your Mommy. We had a kitty some years ago that bit my right pointing finger as I tried to protect him from a dog. My finger become very swollen and I didn’t realize how serious it was. I had to go to the hospital and have IV antibiotics. Also had some debridement done to the bite area. All turned out well. I am sure the medical people will make your Mom better. You have a Marvelous face, Marv!


  21. Handsome selfies, Marv! I love the picture of you playing like you don’t have a care in the world … that’s just one of the beauties of a forever home – being able to blossom into the feline you were always meant to be! We’re thinking of your Mom and hope she heals up quickly (or quicker).


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