Selfie Sunday #5

Good Day Dear Furrends!
What a week! Mommy became a BORG!


A little over a week ago, they put a PICC line in her arm. This last week she learned how to give herself her Antibiotics and does not have to go to the hospital every day.

Now its selfie time!


I am busy can you please start with somebody else Mommy?


Jo Jo wants to send everybody loads of head butts!


I’m still busy, come back later Mommy!


Kozmo is a little miffed that I, Marvelous have the wand toy! But hes happy to see you too!


Mommy, I’m just about done…do Cinnie and I will get ready!


Yes…Cinnamon IS waiting for her ball to be thrown!

Selfie-Marv 3

OK Mommy, I am ready! And I want to send out special Purrayers to Phoebe at 15 and Meowing! She is furry ill and her family could use our support.

Also Zoe from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life‘s Kevin and Tracy went over the bridge. We are sending them our Love, Purrs and Strength!


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23 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday #5

  1. You all did great selfies, gang! Marv, we love how you prepared for yours. 🙂

    We are glad Mommy does not have to go to the hospital every day. We continue to send love and healing purrs and prayers!

    Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful condolences about Zoe’s journey to the Bridge. We miss her lots, but your kindness is of great comfort.



  2. Dear oh dear…poor Mom Barb. We know you didn’t mean to hurt her, but this is so serious. Our mom is praying for her everyday, and we send purrs and POTP that she will soon be all better. Everyone did a great job with their selfies. Marv, you are so sweet to send that message to Phoebe. We know how difficult dealing with CKD is. You also were sweet to honor Zoe. Have a good week. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy


  3. Marv old chap, it seems you have everyone organised very well!! Well done, especially in organising Cinnamon! MOL I hope you are putting the luvvins on mommy instead of the biteys. She’s a keeper you know. Ciao (that’s Italian you know 😉


  4. Excellent selfies from the whole family, and I can tell, Marvellous, that you are becoming quite an old hand at this already, a bit like Teddy!
    Sending ship and plane loads of prayers and purrs for Phoebe and Ellen and family….
    Gentle purrs


  5. Your poor mommy, Marv! I hope you are giving her lots of loving and definitely no more biting. You all took lovely selfies. I am glad you managed to stop playing to take yours.


  6. Gosh, poor Mommy. Glad she doesn’t have to go to the hospital every day. Great selfies. We sure send tons of purrs and prayers to the mom. Marv, hope you are being nice to that Mom. You couldn’t have found a better one. Have a great day..


  7. Barb you look like you’ve been in the war over in Iran or Iraq yourself! Take care my friend and Marv…get your half bros and siss to wait on your mommy. You all look fabulous to us.

    Shoko and Kali


  8. Oh Marvelous…you mom is very very brave and we applaud her!! We hope she won’t have to be on the intravenous antibiotics at home too long!! We you all hugs
    Madi and mom


  9. Hi Marv! Glad you found some TIME for a selfie – you are a very busy boy…..nice you have family visiting again too……….we are hoping that your Mommy won’t have to have those antibiotic IVs for much longer…..that’s one stubborn/mean infection for sure. HAPPY SUNDAY!

    Love, Teddy


  10. Oh my GOODness Marv!! This is scary stuff.

    everyone else looks goo tho’ and will you tell Mum, you don’t need to tweet or anything to do #RememberMeThursday OK? YOU are the best rescue story ever dude OK? We will think of you and being a lucky cay on Thursday and hope others are blessed with your good fortune (and maybe a wand toy too!!)


  11. We send purrs to Mom. That is not fun but much much better than going to get an infusion
    Purrs to those who need them and thanks Marv fur the great looks of fun
    Timmy and Family


  12. Your poor Mommy. Give her extra extra soft and sweet Persian lovins while she sleeps, with your beautiful furs to make her comfy when you roll up next to her. MY mommy and I send purrs and prayers and love. You do look furry busy there with your wand toy. I love mine too. Would you like to come thru and play with my favorite one? It has a lot of dangles on it…furry enticing. OH! And Marvelous, there will be a bacon harvest at Teddy’s house Two Spoiled Cats on Caturday! XXooXX


  13. Oh Marv, you’re so handsum. And your furmilies selfies are great too. Your mommy may be a borg, but she’s a gawjus one. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  14. Wow, her furry own PICC line, OMC!! But relaxing at home is way more healing than going to the hospital all the time. POTP to her! And no more bitey’s OK??! (Even though you were a scary pirate…)

    Love how you are a good delegater of your authority!

    Its nice to see all of you and your selfies!


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