Fabulous Friday!

Count Down to Cat-Mouse!


Each Thursday,  15 and Meowing, and McGuffy’s Reader  provide Friendly Fill-In statements. Sometimes, we don’t get a chance to pawticipate…Mommy gets pretty busy at work… BUT we are answering this week!

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Here are Mommy’s answers!!!


1 I can’t believe Gumby and Pokey are is still sold.


2. I have found both the places I have lived in Richmond on Craigslist.


3. Going into December, the weather outside is rainy.


4. My current weakness is Marvelous!

LoveBarb copy &PurrsMarv2


Thankful Thursday


Ratty is what I, Marvelous, was looking at!


Mommy’s hands are faster than my eye… this was taken SECONDS before the shot for Wordless Wednsday


And here I am right after!!!

I am thankful for my rat! I love him! I drag him and the stick he is attached too all over the townhouse up and down the stairs — even in the middle of the night!

I sing the same songs to him in bed as as I sing to the birdies outside!
I groom him and I “give” him to Mommy as a gift at least 3 or 4 times an evening.

I am pawticipating in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!
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