Ikea takes it to the PetS!

 Have you been in Ikea lately?

I went 3 weeks ago, and they have a whole bunch of pet “stuff”. I was quite intrigued with some of the items, like this Lurvig sofa/bed (they were already sold out!). Some of the other items were lovely and I was impressed with their reflective leashes and collars, but other items made me wonder if the designers had cats.

I DID come home with this:

Ikea1This is the ONLY time I’ve seen Marv in it! What is it? It is their new Lurvig cat house. It fits in their furniture.


I thought he would like it, Marv crawls inside the cubes that have the Playstation and the Cable box …one of his favorite places is inside a plastic storage tub that has my sweaters in it under the bed upstairs, and he likes to hide under the sofa in the living room. …he LOVES his blue cube and his tunnel (but he also avoids the cubby in the cat tree…I thought that might be because it smells like Jo Jo…)

Last week I bought him a fake fur baby blanket, which he absolutely LOVES!!


Have you got something for you cat (or dog) that they totally ignore?

This Mommy wants to know…



27 thoughts on “Ikea takes it to the PetS!

  1. With us, it’s more location. We have a really awesome Ess scratcher, but none of us use is because it’s in such an awkward spot, hidden behind the sofa. My human keeps meaning to bring it out because she is sure we’d use it if she did.


  2. the mama will look if our ikea has something for me too ;o) we have such a toy… it is the kong safestix… after I swatted the staff some days with that weapon I totally ignore it now… although it was NO bargain, the staff is happy that I’m more paw-cifist than warlord…


  3. Oooh I love the sofa. I’m more a double bed Princess and chaise princess myself but the whole idea is brilliant. My peep bought me a dolls single bed from IKEA. It went for kindling some months later as I never once sat on it… as I said I do like a nice double bed with wool duvet. But do the peeps listen? MOL
    Toodle pip and purrs


  4. YES!!! Tons of things! Teddy is impossible when it comes to finding things that will interest him. I’m sure that something I see will be his favorite EVER toy and he will ignore it. The only thing that he RELIABLY enjoys is the laser. He’s even begun to ignore Mr. Rags (the white mouse that was Sammy’s that Teddy destroyed to the point I had to keep it together with old handkerchiefs!)……..poor Mr. Rags RARELY gets tossed around these days. My problem is that I’m thinking like a MOM and not like a CAT when I get things for him. Oh well………I think that cubby you got for him that fits in the cabinet is purely FABULOUS – maybe he will give it another chance? Love the SOFT baby blankie though – they do like soft/snuggly.

    Love, Pam

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  5. Oh so many many things!! Sometimes I will ignore to the point of her throwing it out, but then suddenly I will decide it is the best thing ever! My little wooden house is a case in point. And she says, don’t even get her started on my foodables!! Cheers, Austin xx


  6. We ignore lots of things and then love it the next week. You can never tell what they are going to like at the moment. That box does look like a good one. Have a super Thursday.


  7. They like what they like and don’t like what they don’t like. It’s the way of our four legged family members.

    Our Little Bit (we miss her so) had a really nice bed and she hated that bed.

    Have a purrfect day, Marv. My best to your mom. ☺


  8. A friend who is a groomer at a very fancy pet salon in Lugano, Switzerland, brought a very fancy tall round cushiony thing covered in a plush material. That was several years ago. No cat has ever been seen on it!


  9. Location seems to be everything here for us. If I move something they rarely look at to a better location, the cats will be interested in it. That’s cool that Ikea is going to the pets again! They used to have neat things for pets years ago and then suddenly stopped. We have a great cat tree we bought from Ikea years ago that the cats still love 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo

    P.S. Maybe Marv would like some catnip sprinkled in that cool cat house or you could place his fake fur blanket in there to entice him . . .


  10. Those are really cool. We hear ’bout this ikea a lot, but we don’t have any ’round here so we’ve never seen anythin’ they have. We have lots of stuffs we totally ignore. Well,, till mommy puts them away or threatents to give them away, dat is. Big hugs

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  11. dood….yur blankit iz total lee awesum lee kewl…N we bet itz warm two….

    de food serviss gurl bringed home sum bass terd gobbler one yeer N all burd jokez a side….eye woodna haz touched it for love oh trout…. trooth~~~

    tuna of moon 🙂 ♥♥


  12. Give him time and he will probably decide it is the best place ever. Flynn couldn’t resist anything new, but Eric would ignore it for a month or more then decide it was okay after all.


  13. Cody pretty much ignores EVERYTHING that is MEANT for him for at least a few weeks (not always, but much of the time)……if something is NOT meant for him then he is all over it……….that’s the way of cats! lol


  14. I am a bit hard to please BUT I love my little Donkey and mousies and duckies best of all. Marv, you cared back on the blanket with that expression on your face is probably mom’s all time favorite photo.


  15. I love my tunnel and my Ripple Rug which mommy can place just how I like it and it has lots of hidey holes to peak out of. I also kind of like my nip nanner and another kicky toy, but my favorite toys to hide in my tunnel, in my Ripple Rug or on the bed are …. a bendy straw that is fun to chew on and a milk top ring which flies thru the air. I even have a whole bunch of coloryful springs from Cheney but I still love my milk ring and my straw the bestest!
    Love ya, not spoiled yet, Patzy!


  16. I am so mad, I get to IKEA about once every 2 or 3 years and I just went in AUgust and NOW they come out with all this cool stuff-only available in stores.


  17. Ha. We’ve donated a bunch of stuff to PAWS over the years that didn’t go over with any of our cats. 🙂

    Marv, that blanket looks divine!


  18. Anything the peeps are sure I’ll hate, I love and vice versa. When I got my favorite tunnel, Pop told TW she was wasting her money. Heh heh. I’ve had cat beds that TW has to give away cos I won’t use ’em yet I love the igloo Aunt Pauline gave me. The list goes on and on. Either A Call 4 Paws or PAWS benefit from the stuff I won’t use.


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