I am Thankful


Mommy, have I, Marvelous told you how thankful I am that you rescued me?

I love that I now have a whole townhouse with 3 floors and 2 flights of stairs to race up and down, especially in the middle of the night – just to make sure that I keep all the marauders at  bay.

I am thankful that you feed me wonderful food with warm water every morning. Before I got kibble and it was NOT as tasty as the kibble I get now.  I especially like the Whiskas pouches of chicken and fish. I could really eat 2 of them even though you told me that I am getting a belly.

Which is rude, but I am thankful that you love me enough to point that out. I shall point out that you too have put on poundage since you started to feel better. But I am thankful that you are feeling better.

I am thankful that you cuddle with me when we go to bed. For almost a year, I slept alone in a cage.


I am thankful for my toys, especially my rat on a stick. I know it is a dog toy but it is life size! and when you play with me with it when You get home you really flick it around and I can jump on the sofa and over the sofa and spring high into the air to catch it!

And I am purrticularly thankful for you my furrends! You have made me feel so furry welcome!

Mommy, can we go to bed and cuddle now?


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24 thoughts on “I am Thankful

  1. that are super good reasons to be thankful… even for that belly part ;O)))) no worries for loving a dog toy… my favorite toy is a nip mouse…but sadly nip works not for dogs hehehe


  2. Dearest Marv, I am very thankful that you have the bestest for ever and ever home and that I have you as a furfriend
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  3. Oh my friend Marv WE all feel very lucky and thankful to have you as our friend. We are so happy that your Mommy rescued you and brought you half way around the world to have a happy and secure home. Now you’re snuggling, and getting good food, and having fun playing – that’s the way kitties are supposed to live and not trapped in a cage all the time. Have a HAPPY Thursday my friend!

    Love, Teddy


  4. Oh Marv, we are so thankful that the Mom adopted you from far away. And we are thankful that you are enjoying your new home. All of you have a fantastic day.


  5. Marv, I am truly grateful for you and your friendship.. And that you realize that you have a loving caring mommy and a fine home that you are in charge of that you protect along- with your mommy. Your story makes me smile every time I think of it when I get to see you again here at your place. What a true love story. 💗


  6. Being rescued by a wonderful person is just the best. You’ve said that so well in this post.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your wonderful mom. ☺


  7. Your life now must seem like heaven to you. We know how thankful you must be! We are thankful that you are safe and loved.
    ( Do you know, Marv, that you get more beautiful each day? Bet your tummy looks good on you. A sure sign of good living.

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  8. Marv…what a precious post in honor of your mommy who loves you dearly and was so very happy to have you come live with her…that day in August was the first day of the best days of your life!! We are thankful to be your friends
    Hugs madi and mom


  9. We are so thankful you got adopted and made it to your forever home safely, we love seeing you so happy Marv! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!


  10. You are a darling, Marv! I am so happy for you that you have a wonderful and loving home where you can run around and play with your Mommy. It must feel so good to not be in a cage any more.


  11. It’s difficult to imagine you living in a cage for an entire year Marv 😦 You must have been wishing for your wonderful forever home so fervently! You went from the street life to the sweet life! Enjoy your dream life, friend 🙂

    the critters in the cottage xo


  12. This post, Marv, was so touching my eyes filled with snot and I might have shed a tear. We must never let the humans actually know how we feel. We want them wrapped around our paws, now the other way around. PS: I guess I’m a little thankful for my castle and peeps.


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