A New Year Spark!

McGuffy’s Reader has started these Sparks! They says,
“I believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. Together, we can light up the entire world!”

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Mes, Nellie Bellie, believes this too!

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And now for Nellie’s Spark!

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Now that mes over the bridge, life is simpler. Mes does not has to worry about anything!

Mes is never hungry and there are so many furrends to spends my time with. But mes does has some resolutions to shares with my Marvelous and my Mommy!

  1. Trust yourself.
  2. Be good to yourself.
  3. Try not to be afraid.
  4. You *are* being looked over by your angels.
  5. You *are* deeply loved.

Does yous have resolutions?

Mes is leaving yous with me and my best Bunny–Speedy celebrating New Years last Year!

Hogmany fireworks Nellie and me

We are also celebrating Awww Mondays with Comedy Plus!


Happy 2018!

We are going to pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday!


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We wish you a glorious coming year that rewards all of your endeavors. A heartfelt, prosperous and fulfilling future!

Happy New Year

Wishing you the happiest New Year’s Eve


Anna Art!

We have great bird TV! One of my purrsonal favorite birds to watch is a little female Anna’s Hummingbird! She showed up one day ans was trying to get nectar out of our poor sad geranium that had one flower left! It was starting to snow and I asked Mommy if there was anything we could do for her. Mommy went out and bought some hummingbird food and a feeder and put them out and within 15 minutes she was back! She now spends her day in our tree and comes down and drinks nectar out of the feeder. I LOVE watching her! I sure hope it does not get too cold for the poor little girl. Today, Mommy managed to get a shot of her…it was blurry and so we photoshopped it.


Here is some information about the Anna’s Hummingbird:
This hardy little bird is a permanent resident along our Pacific Coast, staying through the winter in many areas where no other hummingbirds are present. More vocal than most hummingbirds, males have a buzzy song, often given while perched. In recent decades the species has expanded its range, probably helped along by flowers and feeders in suburban gardens; it now nests north to British Columbia and east to Arizona.

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