Nellie’s Monday Spark

Yous guys knows mes was always my own lady cat!

When mes first came to live with Mommy, mes was hellish, it tooked a long time before mes would learn to trust.


Mes was the embodiment of this saying!

Mes is pawticipating  in McGuffy Reader’s Sparks!

Sparks Badge
I LOVE them! They uplift me!!
Click the badge to goes to their site and see all the other pawticipants.


Always and forever


24 thoughts on “Nellie’s Monday Spark

  1. Angel Nellie you look great with Mr. T on the dance floor – nobody can dance like you do! We love your SPARKS today – and you’re right – we are in charge of our own happiness too – thank you for your words of wisdom!

    Hugs, Teddy


  2. Nellie, we embrace that quote…it is just as it should be. We are certain you continue to do this. You go girl! We all just have to be certain we are not hurting anyone else. We miss you, Nellie, and are always happy when you make an appearance. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  3. Nellie, you look like you’re really enjoying yourself on that dance floor! In true cat form….! Always be true to yourself and dance like no one is watching!


  4. Well said Nellie! You lived your life the way you wanted to, and now I am sure you are showing how it is done at the Bridge.


  5. Powerful words, and a good reminder. I think people do forget sometimes. They control their own reactions and ultimately, their direction. Thanks for being part of Sparks. HUGS!


  6. Nellie!!! Oh Nellie, my bestest mostest and again, bestest grrlfriend ever…how I miss you. Tell Marv for me that I agree with his spark today. Do not live your life for others, but instead, in tandem with them…perhaps lending a paw along the way. Love you always Nellie.
    Love Katie isabella

    Marv, mes is posting for Katie Isabella. She is having troubles posting on WordPress. Your Queen Penelope


  7. We miss you dearly, Nellie. The cat blogosphere isn’t quite as bright without you in it on a regular basis. You lived your life out loud and with your whole heart – something most humans can learn from (Bear is the same way – which is one reason why he means so much to me) 🙂


  8. Queen Penelope (for this is who this is how I think of you today sweet Nellie Bellie) YOU lived your life to the fullest and we could all take a lesson from you. Miss you so!
    Marty and Mom


  9. Nellie, this spark is so very true! You and John T make a wonderful couple Nellie. We are who we are and sometimes it takes eons to trust but we will if the circumstances are just right.



  10. Love you to the Moon and Over the Bridge and back, Nellie Bellie! XOXOXOXO Kissies and more kissies!


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