You Got Mail!

You got mail!
That’s what Mommy said when she came in the door after work.


I could not wait for her to put it down!


It came from Eric and Flynn’s Mom — All the way from England!!


Oh it smells so delicious!


I think I’m in HEAVEN!!


Murffle…Gnaw!!! Mom can you please take this Owl off the card!!


Such a cool cube! I LOVE this one its got jingly balls! And its my favorite colour!! Umm…can you open those Felix treats?


What a great Christmas Card! But whose side does it go on? Yours? or Mine?
Mom! You got some cools stuff too! Chocolate (Dark and Salted Caramel) And Sticky Notes! Did Eric and Flynn’s Mommy know that you have a “thing” for sticky notes?


We also won a prize from Bionic Basil a while ago and it came earlier this week.


We were surprised we got a lovely mouse pad! How did they know Mommy needed a new one! And the most lovely pillow cover!


The same day I, Marvelous also received a package from Kali and Shoko! It had the most magnificent fish, which I grabbed as soon as Mommy opened the envelope and I ran under the sofa with it. Mommy has not seen it since (except in my mouth when I scurry around in the evening). Mommy says when she finds it, she will take a picture and posts it!

In the meantime I am giving Triple Thanks!
Thank You! Eric and Flynn’s Mom

Thank You Everyone at Bionic Basil and

Thank You Kali, Shoko and Mom and Dad!


And this post is part of Comedy Plus: Feline Friday!




24 thoughts on “You Got Mail!

  1. Marv, you are very welcome from Shoko & Kali. Let us know how you like the swimming fish, they swim as soon as they touch the water, Shoko loves hers. Kali & Shoko’s Dad


    1. Mommy has put the swimming fish away until next week. She has the whole week off and she will have time to help me play with it. This week she has been late every night.
      I have not be n happy about that at all!


  2. Marv! You certainly are having the BESTEST and most PRESENT-FILLED Christmas so far aren’t you? I think you know that all of us are so happy for you and glad that you are safe in your forever home with your Mommy. It’s actually a present for ALL of us who love you to see you so happy!

    Hugs, Teddy


  3. Oh Marv, what a terrific box of toys etc. for you. What a lucky boy you are and you deserve every one of them. That was so nice of Eric and Flynn to give you all those neat things. And everyone else that gave you so much. We sure wish you and your Mom a great day.


  4. Marv dude, that is some epically epic haul mew got there!!! MOL

    Like OMC Eric and Flynns box of goodies was beyond amazing dude, and an epic fishie from Shoko and Kali too, dude you really got some supurr cool stuff. And we’re so happy that mew like the cushion cover and surprise mouse mat!!! MOL

    Big festive hugs

    Basil & Co xox


  5. Oh Marv, it is so nice to see you with all your gifts ! You look especially sweet in the Thank You picture. Purrs !


  6. I am glad you are enjoying all of your presents Marv. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, in fact I know you will.


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