Freaked out Friday

The Daddy, Kozmo and Jo Jo arrived. I–Marvelous, am NOT happy. I have hissed and merrowed. I refused to sleep on the bed last night. Kozmo was in my spot and Cinnamon was under the bed. I did visit Mommy twice but refused to cuddle…I was worried one of the others would sneak up on me…

I chased both Kozmo and Jo Jo up and down the stairs more than a few times while Mommy tried to sleep.

This morning, I refused to come down for breakfast.

I did come and visit Mommy on the sofa once and she helped me comment on a few blogs, then I whined and sulked and went upstairs. At 11 in the morning, Mommy and the Daddy went out and left us home for 3 hours.

When they came home, Cinnamon was snoozing in the living room.


But they did not see any of us cats…Mommy was wondering where we were when she saw a paw…


Look at those BIG white gloves! Mommy put on the flash…Its KOZMO!


On her way upstairs, Mommy looked at the dining table…


Then she came up and into the bedroom…


But she did look pretty angelic (if only Mommy knew what she said to me…)


Mommy walked around to check under the bed, I meowed so she would know where I was!


Mommy came over and looked…


I was up behind her jeans and sweaters! TURN OFF THE FLASH PLEASE!


Apparently, THAT is NOT going to happen.
I have been told I have to get along. I have decided I shall stay in the closet…and sulk until the INTRUUDERS are gone!
Mommy told me that Sandy Paws won’t bring me anything if I don’t stop being a brat. I am thinking on that.

Purrs Marv


Kozmo wants to send you his Christmas Wishes!




24 thoughts on “Freaked out Friday

  1. Oh dear Marv, I know it’s hard work having visitors butt I do hope you forgive them for intruding and join in the festivities. I don’t want you to miss out on a Santy Paws visit, I mean what if he’s found another Ratty for you?????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  2. Oh dear, Marv!! I see trouble ahead!! But you might not get your Christmas pressies if you do’t come out!! 😦

    On another note. Hi there Kozmo, missed you, bro!! Hehe!!


  3. Dear Marv, so hard to be an only cat and then all of a sudden you are not an only cat but a many cat with a dog thrown in as well… it’s terrible, it’s awful, it’s dreadful… we feel your pain! Poor Marv! We have no doubt you are horribly neglected by ALL! Show your displeasure, display your disdain. Growl. Bare your teeth. Complain loudly. Pee anywhere and everywhere. Scratch and claw where you should not! Show ’em who is The Boss, The Master of the House! S’kaddle all ye interlopers! Be gone! Now and furevermore.
    Ooopsie, do all that and Santa will not come … we suggest you rethink it all. Be the nicest, sweetest kitty ever, the hostest with the mostest … a welcoming wonder … a gracious giver of cuddles and nose taps …
    and more and more and more. Meowy Catmouse!


  4. Dear Marv…..I truly do understand why you would NOT be happy….you have grown to love your life with your Mommy in peace and quiet – having her all to yourself. Now you have to share and it’s NOT EASY…..other animals taking your favorite spots away….eating your foods…..stealing your Mom! But know what? They are part of your family – and they aren’t taking over your house or your Mom – you probably don’t quite understand all of that yet coming from your old life to this new one but in time – you will…….trust me…..just know that you’re safe – that your Mommy loves you and after Christmas you will get your life as you want it back. At least until NEXT visit! Hang in there Marv……try not to hide – get to know your family better……..and remember – Santa Paws is watching!

    Love, Teddy


  5. Oh Marv, that sounds pretty horrible. So sorry but those other animals have to come visit and maybe if you try to calm down, you might even like Kozmo. Sure hope things get better for you soon. Cats do adjust Mom, so don’t tear your hair out.


  6. Hari OM
    Aw heck Marv, that is a total culture shock!!! I think I might have looked for a cupboard too. Sigh.. but mum is right, you will have much more fun and are more likely to see Santy Paws if you come down from your high perch. I am not saying you have to make lovey-dovey to the intruuders; just don’t let ’em faze ya! Sending calming vibes, hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx


  7. It’s hard to have visitors, Marv, especially when someone else invited them. But you might have fun if you come down and say hi. You might even get a new pal to play and cuddle with!


  8. Awww Marv, that’s not your fault! That is A LOT of guests for you to process (and tolerate lol) at one time! Tell Mom to bring your food to you!!!! Maybe she can make a “safe haven” for you to eat? xoxo


  9. Oh my cats Marv I think I heard all of that commotion too. I;d be just like you I don ‘t like introoders
    Hugs madi your
    PS better check to see if there is an elf on the shelf with you.


  10. Dear sweet Marv, I wish you are getting ok with them because you will get pawsome siblings if you did.I understand your feeling of sharing your everything when strangers suddenly showed up. Well, I had been one and only spoiled kid until my little brother came.At first, I was afraid of my things being taken by brother. Later, I was ok and happy to share my things, foods with my little brother. He loves me a lot more than other family member and I am second in position next to parents.So I want to suggest you come out from the closet and stay beside tabby new friend because there are lots of space on the bed. You will get greatest loyal friend ever if you can befriend with cinnamon because I can see kindness in his eyes. Starving yourself is not a good thing dear Marv. Remember that Santy Paws will not bring any presents for mean kitties. It is Christmas so get a new family, friends and have fun.I am sure they will love you too if you just need to be nice to them as they all seem peaceful.
    with love,
    Aunt Nadia


  11. I am sorry you are not having a happy start to Christmas, Marv, Just remember your Mommy loves you but these introoders are part of the family too ! I hope things calm down and you get happier. Purrs.


  12. Oh my! Never mind Marv….I hate visitors as well. I hide in the bed or under it. I thought you kinda like Jo Jo, Cinnamon and Kozmo though. Hide until you feel at peace with yourself and them Marv….no rush. Santa will leave stuffs for you but you may not be able to get it for awhile.



  13. Flynn would have been the same, Marv. In fact he would probably have gone berserk! Hope you soon settle back down with them. You can have some good fun with Kozmo.


  14. We’re sorry there’s so much going on there, Marv. We would be a little freaked out, too. We hope stuff settles down a bit, and that you will get used to having Kozmo, Jo Jo, Cinnie and Daddy as houseguests. P.S. – Kozmo is a really cool dude, so give him a chance, okay?


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