Christmas Aftermath!

We had a most excellent Christmas! There was loads of great food (I ate steak! And ham!) and there was tons of paper to play in and boxes and after the humans were done with their fun and the paper and boxes got cleaned up, look what I got!!!


Look at this! My Secret Santa is one of Nellie Queen Penelope’s BEST FURRENDS!!!



He is suave, debonair, and he has impeccable taste!! I would LOVE to be just like him when I grow up! Even Kozmo thinks Spitty the Kitty is the KING of Cats!


Spitty sent me 3 wand toys…a da Bird that came from Amazon a few days ago, that we had to hide from Jo Jo–this gorgeous one that I took upstairs and hid in the closet.


And this one from Jackson Galaxy!


Here are some more of my gifts


An ornament for Mommy, Blue Wilderness treats (which we demanded Mommy open RIGHT AWAY!) and freeze dried chicken! And some pawsome Jackson Galaxy toys!


Here is Kozmo smelling Spitty–and the Jackson Galaxy wand. Mommy got some wonderful gifts that she loves! A pack each of Retro Butterfly and Vegetable Seed Package cards, a Vintage Cat Parcel Set and some Vintage Christmas Rubber Stamps in a tin. She also got a lovely soft red throw (that I Marvelous have claimed as my own on the sofa) and lovely new blue bed!

Jo Jo keeps walking around mumbling Spitty….

SecretSanta7 copy




28 thoughts on “Christmas Aftermath!

  1. Spitty picked out gifts just as marvelous as you, Marvelous! And we love that Spitty had you as his Secret Paws. What a small world it is, because you had us as your Secret Paws, and we had Spitty as ours! Purrs, and merry Second Day of Christmas!


  2. Happy Boxing Day! Is that why you jumped in a box?? I jumped in one, too, and I hardly evfur do that! This box was an intruder box, as it came in the den from Canada…I needed to check it out for the safety of my peeps…and to know if it was the right size to send away the doggies who are ere…sheesh, but they can be noisy.


  3. Lucky you!!! King Spitty sure knows how to shop for Christmas goodies doesn’t he. Looks like you had enough fun stuff to share with your visiting family too! Glad you had a wonderful first Christmas Marv AND glad your Mom had a nice birthday too!!!!

    Hugs, Teddy (and Angel Sammy)


  4. Hari OM
    Marv, you have discovered one of the marvels of Christmas – the art of giving and joy of being on the receiving end! What a haul!!! Have a busy day with all of that. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx


  5. Oh Marv, we are sooooo glad you had such a good Christmas and that Spitty boy is a very special cat. So glad he sent you so many wonderful gifts. You all have a super fine day.


  6. I am so furry happy that you liked your gifts! I, Marvelous specifically told my Mom that a Log Cabin was what you guys would need and I am happy to know that you like it! Is not Christmas the best! I have thoroughly enjoyed mine! And what a small world that YOU got Mr Spitty!
    That is stupendous!


  7. MeOW Marv, those sure are some great gifts. We’re glad you has such a pawsum Christmas. We didn’t have too much to clean up, so we spent da day luvvin’ on mommy and her luvvin’ us. Steak sounds yummy. have a bite fur us. Big hugs fur all.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


  8. Hey Fur Face!
    Here is Katie Isabella’s comment for you. Gosh I miss Spitty!
    Your Nellie Bellie

    Spitty was so loving and sweet to you all in his happy Christmas wishes. But he always is, no matter how he protests otherwise. What lovely and perfect gifts for you loved friends. XXXXXXX I hope to see you playing with them through the year. And Kozmo, you must have been recalling yours and Spitty’s times at the pub hefting up the brewskis! 💗
    Love Katie


  9. Hey Marv! My Human’s brain cells must be worser than she thought cause she thought she had already commented here! We LOVED being your Secret Paws Marv–and we hope you have a WONDERFUL 2018! Happy Mew Year to all of you!


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