Wednesday – Not Wordless


Mes, Nellie is sad that my good furrend Kali has come to the bridge. Mes sad because mes KNOWS how much her Mommy and Daddy and Sisfur will miss her. She was ONE OF A KIND.

She and Mes and Shoko had a great time! Here is some of my favorite Memories!

treatmonsters copy.png

Hide&Seek copy

Bacon copy

Sand K and Nellie

KissingKali copy

My Mommy is furry sad and has water coming out her eyes. Wes will write more when wes feel better.



Twofer Tuesday!

I am really enjoying having my Dad and siblings Kozmo, Jo Jo here at my townhouse!
I am actually starting to enjoy Cinnamon too!

Dad opened the catio today so we could get up close and purrsonal while burd watching!
Jo Jo and I immediately went out!




Dad could not tell who was who…until he said the magic word…


Do you know what the MAGIC word is?????
(see below)