Tuxie Tuesday with Kozmo

I sure hope Katie Isabella does not see this post. My love life will be ruined!


I have had a horrible time. I have had issues with my ears, since way back when we were in Vancouver. They itch and I scratch.Ā  But I scratched so hard, I made them raw. When they start to heal, they itch more, and I scratch more! Mom sent me a collar. I think I look like a stupid flower!


It’s pretty embarrassing. I try to scratch through the collar, but it does not work. And I’ve gotten the collar off a few times and scratched them raw again!

And you know what’s the worst…Jo Jo giggles so hard she falls over, every time she looks at me!

I really wanted to look like this for Valentines Day!

Kozmo3 copy

Suave and debonair.

Will you be my Valentine?

Love Kozmo





25 thoughts on “Tuxie Tuesday with Kozmo

  1. no worries Kozmo you look as fabulous as the mama in her sun costume once … and guess what? she won the second prize for that… sadly she used a marker pen for inseminated cattle for her face and she needed two weeks to get it off ;O)))

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  2. Ouchie Kozmo! I’m sorry about your poor ears……when I was first adopted I had a bad ear infection that was SUPER HARD to get rid of and my ears were itchy – I hope your ears get all healed up soon. That “daffodil” you’re wearing (!) will help keep you from hurting your ears all over again until they can heal up. No matter what you have around your neck you are still lookin’ fine for Valentine’s Day! Don’t you worry about that!

    Hugs, Teddy


  3. Oh Kozmo, we are so sorry, you are having all that trouble with your ears. We are sure Katie will remember as you were normally. Besides, we think the yellow collar makes you even more handsome. You all have a fantastic day.


  4. Darling, it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, I am yours to command. That collar does look daffodilly I must say, but that’s a GOOD thing. It contrasts well with your stunning formal attire. I wonder if you are suffering a plant based allergy in your ears? From when you are out and about demonstrating your hunting prowess?

    No matter. Please leave the collar on and later when you are ready, I will pop through and bathe your ears and the rest of you. Then we can snuggle all entertained in a sunpuddle. XX


  5. Poor Kozmo. Couldn’t they find you a more manly color? Perhaps you should just go with it and recite something Shakespearean. Turn the situation to your advantage!


  6. Kozmo…I purrsonally think your handsome face outlined by the ‘butter cup’ yellow collar is stunning as will Katie. I’m sure she is more interesting in what is in your heart not on your neck
    Hugs madi your bfff


  7. Oh dear Kozmo. You do look like a sun flower in your collar. Sorry buddy…but I think Katie will love you even more! Mom L has had to deal with itchy ears and if not ear mites, it usually is a food allergy. We know you have been to da stabby place but wanted to tell you what we learned. Purrs


  8. Oh Kozmo – itchy ears are awful ! Katie will love you no matter what and I’m sure she will want you to feel better. Purrs.


  9. Kozmo dude, mew’re really making a fashion statement there! And yellow looks great with black and white, block colouring is the new thing fur 2018 so our resident fashionista Pandora says, so dude, mew’re rocking it, BIG TIME! Kudos!

    Hope your ears are better soon, sending oodles of healing vibes.

    Big purrs

    Basil & Co xox


  10. Poor Kozmo ! We’re sorry to read this, but your ears have to heal, and the best way to help them is to wear that… flower. Don’t worry about your love life, girls like flowers. Purrs


  11. You look like an Elizabethan gentleman wearing a ruff with your collar Kozmo. Katie will still love you, collar or no collar. I hope your poor ears soon heal, but no trying to scratch them!


  12. Oh Kozmo! We’re sorry about your ears. We hope you can find some relief. We’re sure Katie doesn’t care about your collar.


  13. Darn. Sorry to hear about your ears, Kozmo. You actually rock that collar better than almost any cat, and hey, if it helps you heal up good, then it’s not so bad. Sending purrs and prayers!


  14. Kozmo, Avalon had itchy ears and it turns out she had food allergies. Once her diet was changed , her ears got all better. Is it possible you might have food allergies?
    We hope you feel better soon. The collar makes you look very debonair šŸ™‚

    the critters in the cottage xo


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