Thankful Thursday with Cheese?

We have LOADS to be thankful for this week. Kozmo is thankful that he getting rid of his ear mites. He says he will be even more thankful when he can get collar of and have a good wash! He wishes there was a vet closer to where they live, but alas…rural communities are losing animal doctor, just like they are losing people doctors.

Jo Jo says she will be thankful to get back home. THe best thing about coming to Vancouver is that the weather is very cold (even here) and she would have to be inside anyway. And the Burd TV here is excellent as are the treats!

Cinnamon is always happy and she is thankful that Mom throws the ball for her-way more than Dad does.She also LOVES the Townhouse stairs and running up and down them!

I Marvelous, am thankful that I have family. It is fun to have Kozmo and Jo Jo to play with! I am being kind to Kozmo as he is unhappy about his collar. It s not fair for me to tease him when he can’t tease back.

AND I am thankful for you my furrends!!!

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BriansHome-ThankfulThursday-BlogHopSpecial thanks to Brian for hosting the Blog Hop every week!

Today, Jo Jo is going to tell the first Joke! Take it away Jo Jo!!!

What happened after an explosion at a French cheese factory?

Jo Jo
 All that was left was de brie!

Next is Kozmo!!! He asks…What do you call CHEESE that is sad?


Blue cheese.

And Marv, will you end your joke-athon with a grin for your furrends!?

You Betcha Mom! How do you get a mouse to smile?

Marv& Mice copy
I know this one Marv!!!

Say cheese!

3 amigos

The Three Amigos!


22 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday with Cheese?

  1. hahaha yes, say cheese… and just between us I would like such an eggs-ploding cheese factory, but here only a bank eggs-ploded… and there was only dust and dirt and no moneeh in the air…


  2. YES – CHEEZE PLEEEZE! Your jokes were fabulous and Marv your smile is the best one around for miles! Glad you all are having a good visit…….that’s what family is all about!

    Hugs, Teddy


  3. Those are some mighty good things to be thankful for.Love the cheese jokes. They weren’t cheesy at all. We are also thankful to have you as our friends. You all have a fantastic day.


  4. LOL those jokes are cheesy ;-))) Hope you have a fantastic week…. M and Purr are envious of your ‘bird tv’. Their channel hasn’t been as good as usual for over a year – we all believe this is because the government panicked over zika and sprayed for mosquitoes. Last year, we posted photos of the few birds we sighted in our yard, but not the four butterflies.


  5. Marv, you already know that the corny jokes are the highlight for my mommy! She is a corny joke teller extraordinaire! And Kozmo…wow! You are looking secksay. Being a daffodil has nothing to do with THAT fact!


  6. What a lovely list of things you are all thankful for…I Madison D. Cat am thankful Marv is so good at finding the best and funniest jokes in the universe
    Hugs madi your bfff


  7. You all tell funny jokes! I am glad Kozmo’s ear mites are improving and hope he soon can go without his collar. You are very good to not tease him, Marv.


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