Terrific Tuesday

Wooo!!! Hooo!!!

We got our new computer up and running!

Alas, it will take us a while to get all our software installed and getting used to the new keyboard layout.
I, Marvelous, have a question…if computers are the same brand and they are the same size and they have QUERTY keyboards, why are the important buttons (like Delete, Home, Page Up and Down and a few others are in different places…like we keep hitting Caps Lock insted of shift and \\\ which is right beside shift instead of a….)

And I got to find a new graphics program…we can’t find our installation media for our Adobe software so we most likely won’t have Photoshop ….

Tabby Tuesday

It was nice when Mom got home from work, so while she installed stuff on the new laptop and made a souffle for supper, I hung out in the catio – one burd even got 6 inches away from me!!!

Now I am resting up in my beddie from Spitty the Kitty! Setting up a computer is hard work!

Tabby Tuesday 2





24 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesday

  1. You look worn out Marv. I hope you get Photoshop back one day. I have an old OLD copy!

    We fly out to your part of the world (OK a bit further south…) on Friydayyyy


  2. Hari OM
    Every keyboard, like every photocopier and any office machine for that matter, has its own personality. The fingers just need to get reprogrammed is all… &*> Good luck with that bit of ‘software installation’ as well as the stuff on the new pooter. Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx


  3. YAY for the new computer but we have no idea WHY keyboard keys get moved around – it’s like some sort of TEST I guess. Keeps our humans on their toes (we have no problem with keeping on our toes though do we MARV?!?!?!). You do look very comfy in your “Spitty Bed” !

    Love, Teddy


  4. So glad you got your new computer. It is a job figuring out how to use it. So sorry about the photoshop being gone. Hope you can find a new one. Good job Marv helping the Mom with the new computer. You all have a really nice day.


  5. Congrats on your new computer! I am so used to my ergonomic keyboard I always hit all kinds of weird things whenever I use my laptop or another computer.


  6. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh double and triple YAY for having your new ‘puter. Oh Marv we do wish we could answer the location key questions. It is a puzzle to us too. Way back in the dark ages (1980’s)
    mom’s first work ‘puter had a delete button right beside the right shift key. OMCS mom told me once she deleted an entire screen of work. She learned that very moment the importance of SAVING often.
    Hugs madi your bfff
    PS that ‘screen’ shot of you is better than photoshop. Very clear


  7. All this techo stuffs is a complete mystery to me Marv…I make my ‘staff’ learn all that, my brain is too full of how to snaffle my next TREAT!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  8. You did most of the work didn’t you, Marv. Sure looks like it. Being a supervisor is very hard work.

    I’m glad you have a new computer. Things can get back to normal now.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your mom. ♥


  9. Excellent-o!! A new computer. Great fun. Mom doesn’t care for the new set ups where everything is in a different place. Not everything but enough to foul up one’s typing.

    Marv you look fantastical in your catio and in your bed. What a wonderful catio where you can breath in fresh air.




  10. It’s lucky you were there to help set up the new computer, Marv.
    On my last laptop the keys were in the wrong place too. I can’t touch type so have to look at the keyboard, and I have lost count of the times I have touched Caps Lock and it looks like I was shouting. I am glad you had good weather to get out in your catio.


  11. I can’t answer your question about keyboards, but I can add a couple of my own : why don’t they standardize adding machines/calcuators/credit card machines ? You can be adding away on your usual machine, switch to a different one to finish and find you have garbed your whole checkbook or whatever !
    But glad you have a new computer !


  12. Marv! That’s great news about the computer! And too bad that burd didn’t get even closer to you.


  13. Sorry I can’t answer your question, I am technologically challenged. I am glad you have a computer again. XO


  14. Hooray fur new confusers to do just that! Keyboard confusions. There is a windows machine where petcretary works and that keyboard has lots of diffurent things that the Mac she uses at home. Go figure.
    Gald yu got to almost snag a bird. I chattered at lots of them through my burd TV channel…and Dalton snagged a couple of snakes…again and 2 moles also! A true terrierist!


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