Caturday Art using the new laptop

Hi Guys!

Mom found her password for Photoshop so we got it installed last night (see below Marv’s Signature if you want to read her tech rant).

I am HAPPY we can get back to Caturday Art!

Marv Sketch 2

This was actually very simple.

First we opened the picture in Photoshop.


We blurred the background


We then copied the image onto 3 different layers

We clicked on the bottom layer and opened Filter > Sketch > Graphic pen and had the stroke direction go left.


We then clicked on the middle layer and opened Filter > Sketch > Graphic pen and had the stroke direction go right. Then we changed the opacity to 50% and chose Multiply.

For the final layer, We chose Filter > Brush strokes and Ink Outline.


Next we played around with the opacity, the saturation, the contrast and the brightness to come up with our final sketch!

Marv Sketch 2

We found the picture needed to be a lower resolution than normal. We made the image 7″ Wide and 72 dpi to get the sketch effect we wanted. When we did it on the high resolution image right out of the camera it did not work. You could not see the cross-hatching.

If you try it, we would LOVE to see it!

To see all the other great Animal Art,
click on the link to go to Athena’s Blog who hosts Artsy Caturday!



It is nice to be able to use Photoshop properly again. We were having difficulties with it on the old laptop…the last few Windows 10 upgrades have caused us loads of problems – like our laptop telling us that our Photoshop was “Not Compatible with Windows 10!” This is irking. First, the laptop is only about 4 and a half years old. It is a touch screen and came with Windows 8. It auto-updated to Windows 8.1 and then last year, to Windows 10. I did NOT want the updates as I was sure I would have difficulties. The first generation touch screens were AWFUL. But Microsoft pushed them out without consent (OK It is in one of the 489, or there abouts page of consent). Alas, you can’t opt out if you had Windows 8,1.

We sure wish that these large companies did not try to take over our lives! And think they know what we need or want. They did not exist 40 years ago yet Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft are among the most powerful monopolies ever.

Enough Ranting!



21 thoughts on “Caturday Art using the new laptop

  1. I like how you explained how you got to that final image. Its sure interesting and fun! Gad you could get back into your program:)

    I feel like a baby learning to walk…using the PSE program, which hubby says is simpler than regular PS. Yup…right. I stumble along and wish the imikimi site was still as it used to be…as do so many others!…but over time, I guess I will get better…the trouble is I don’t have a lot of time, MOL!

    And yes hubby agrees that MS and so many others are trying to tell us what and how we need…sheesh, I am ranting as much or more than your Mom, Marv!!
    (We are still in MS7 I think the professional version that pawppy had several of, bought just before they came out with MS8. Hooray!…even if it isn’t supported that well anymore, at least we have control about the updates.)


  2. Hari OM
    Marv – your artwork is beautifurs!!!

    AS to the tech stuff… don’t get me started. No. Really… I am soooooooooooooo attached to my Win7… sigh. I know I know it can’t last forever… hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx


  3. Glad you got your photoshop and laptop to cooperate with each other – Marv this picture of you was PERFECT without the artsy effects but we like each “layer” of art that your Mommy did too. Let’s face it, when you’re handsome you’re handsome no matter what effects photos get right? Right!

    Hugs, Teddy


  4. Whoo hooo, you got photoshop back and now we all get some fantastic art of you Marv. We so like the pictures today.You all have one great day.


  5. Glad to see you’re able to play in Photoshop again. I am just learning it, but it sure is fun. You are right that these few tech companies have too much control. What ever happened to the concept of having choices?


  6. Your Mom sure dd a wonderful job artifying you, Marv! And we 100% agree with her rant, too!


  7. Mom likes her Mac. They don’t push updates. I think that is not good. One should be able to make a choice..not be forced into something. Allow you to take your chances and be an adult, not be treated like you’re unable to make a decision.


  8. The art is lovely.
    My laptop and latest PC came pre-installed with Win.10 18 months later and I still don’t like it!
    I had Windows 7 on my old laptop. It did an upgrade to 10 without my knowledge and I tried to uninstall and revert to 7. The laptop gave up the ghost and I haven’t been able to use it since. I am sure it was a conspiracy to force me to use Windows 10.
    I have been away for a few days so I am far behind with my commenting.


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