Typical Tabby Tuesday

You did NOT get home until 3 hours after you usually do! You were at work for 12 hours! Did you not know that working as many hours as you have been is not good for YOU or your CAT!

That’s Me!


You just sat down…and you are going to get up! Do you know how I know that??


The microwave dinged.Β  You should go and get your supper so I can sit on you and help you eat it!…

…30 minutes later…


Did you just take a selfie of me cuddling you?

Now that you woke me up with the flash, why don’t we get up and go to bed.





21 thoughts on “Typical Tabby Tuesday

  1. Oh what great photos of you greeting your Mom, having dinner with your Mom, and talking her into MORE snuggling in bed…..I bet she was glad that you were taking such GOOD care of her!

    Hugs, Teddy


  2. Poor Mom, that is way too much work. Now she needs tons of time off. Good boy Marv for taking care of her. Hope things let up for her soon. You all have a fantastic day.


  3. I will be so glad when your mom is done with this project and can get some rest. I know she will too, and you’ll be more happy than anyone else.

    Have a purrfect day, Marv. Give your mom extra lovies. β™₯


  4. Marv…your poor mom. We sure hope things get easier for her. At least she has you.


  5. dood….yur mom N de food servizz gurl must werk at de same place oh employz ~~~~~~~~~ glad her final lee getted home N hope afturr all waz
    said N done ya both hada grate nite πŸ™‚ β™₯β™₯β™₯


  6. 12 human hours?! Who do they think they are being away at work for so long?! Have they forgotten that Marv the Marvelous has needs?! Maybe you could put up notes around the house to remind them and have somepawdy stand outside they’re office to make sure they leave work on time. Purrs.


  7. You are a sweet cuddler, Marv. It is good that you can help your mum relax.


  8. Wow, that’s a super long day. We hate to say this but maybe you should just be nice to your mom. Normally we’re big believers in keeping the pressure on our people but this time.,.


  9. Years ago, petcretary also worked those twelve hour shifts…but it was then that she got more days off…like work 2 and get 2 off…and so on…but now she would not want to work those long hours, 8 is more than enough!

    Hope you got lots of snuggles in and some tidbits of yummy noms:)


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