Floods and Art! Oh! My!

About 3 years ago, Nellie and I moved to Vancouver.

Dave (the Dad) Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon still live in Midway BC, It is a teeny tiny very rural village of 680 people sitting right on the Canada-US border.


The Kettle River flows behind the house. Throughout most of the year it looks very much like the picture above. This year there has been a very large snow pack (200% over normal) and with warm weather and rain…yesterday the river rose to almost 2 feet above the record levels set in 1948 of 21.2 feet. It reached 23 feet (flood stage is 17 feet). Further, the whole of southern BC is flooding and with the heavy and deep snow pack…we will have high water levels for much longer than normal.

behind the house

The people across the Kettle River had been under evacuation order since yesterday morning. Our house sits on the high side of the river…but Dave said another foot of water could have seen it in our yard and 2 more feet in the basement. I don’t know yet how our friends across the river have fared. I am praying there is not a whole lot of damage.

I had my own business in Grand Forks, BC for years, and the city has been hit extremely hard. They sit on the confluence of 3 rivers…the Kettle, the Granby and the North Fork.


Above is a shot of the main street. I’ve posted a video of the main highway through town on my Facebook page. Several longtime businesses (particularly an Art Gallery and a Book Store) have been hit very hard and most likely will not reopen. The cleanup will be tougher than after the fires 3 summers ago especially for those who rebuilt after the fire to lose it in this flood.


Onto happier things!

For this week’s art, Marv wanted something special…something to commemorate Avengers the Infinity War...He wanted to be in a CARTOON!

We followed a Photoshop tutorial…we only had to start over once and it took about 2 hours to complete. I believe that doing it a second time would only take about an hour. There are a few things I would change on a second go round, but I will try it again, with a more colorful picture.


Please click on the button to go to Athena Cat Goddess’ blog to see all the other great art! There is a lot of fabulous art in the blogosphere and you can see some at the Caturday Art Blog Hop!!




27 thoughts on “Floods and Art! Oh! My!

  1. That is a great photo and super cool effect. Looks as if Marv is warning everyone about the high water. Praying your house stays dry. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


  2. Wow, that cartoon came out awesomely! The flooding in lower BC is worrisome, and my human feels awful for the people who are suffering damage because of it.

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  3. Good job on the cartoon, but very sad to hear about the flooding. Seems like nature is running amok in your area & that eruption in Hawaii… I’ve heard of some earthquakes, too. Our area is dealing with a draught, so we would have appreciated some of that water – and I wager your area would have loved to have a safe way to evict it 😉


  4. Oh my…….that flooding is just awful. Somehow Mother Nature got wrong signals this year because she’s got a lot of things all messed up – in BC, Hawaii and so many other places around the world. Sad about the neighbors back in Midway but hope the flooding does NOT effect your house there. Marv your cartoon kind of says it all my friend – OH MY CAT HERE COMES THE FLOOD!!!! Stay safe.

    Love, Teddy and Mom too


  5. Oh Marv, we like you art picture.Well done Mom. That flooding sure doesn’t look like any fun. Hope it doesn’t go any higher and that you all stay safe. Got all our paws crossed for you.


  6. Hari OM
    So sorry to hear of the flooding – it is becoming one of the ‘new normals’ of weather and its consequences these days, but that doesn’t make it any easier to bear.

    The art is fabulous! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx


  7. That flooding looks terrible. It is so sad that people could lose their businesses or have to rebuild their homes again. We hope everyone is safe. On a happier note, I love your art, Marv! You sure can open your mouth wide! 🙂


  8. You look terrific Marv! Oh my, that flooding is awful and so horrible for all those dealing with the mess and water damage.


  9. We love that artwork. What a neat effect!

    Those floods are just horrible. We are sad for the people, animals and businesses that are being affected. We’re purring and praying for Dad Dave, Kozmo, Jo Jo, Cinnie, and everybuddy else.

    Love to to all.


  10. I hope your house will be OK. I feel bad for everyone dealing with that. Your art came out great. I am not patient enough to do a tutorial. XO


  11. Marv and Mom we are so very sorry to see the devastation caused by flooding to that picturesque town.
    Small businesses have a hard enough time in the big business world they certainly don’t need Mother Nature adding to their worries.

    Good job of the cartoon
    Hugs madi and mom


  12. Good grief!! This flooding is no joke. Grand Forks holds special memories for me as mom and I went there on a roadtrip. It is beautiful and definitely a must see for folks in BC. Although the mess has to be cleaned first.



  13. That flooding is terrible! We send lots of purrs to all those affected by it. That’s a great cartoon of you, Marv.


  14. Purrayers & POTP for everyone effected by the flooding.
    Marv, you look like a real superhero !


  15. I love the cartoon art!
    The flooding is terrible. I hope the river doesn’t flood the house. I hope the neighbours across the river stay safe and don’t suffer too much damage.


  16. We are so sorry to see all that flooding. Mother Nature… can be very temperamental at times. PS: we saw the portrait you did of Katie Isabella, and it was stunning!


  17. We are so sorry about the flooding, we are purring for all the people and the animals that they are safe. We love your cartoon, it looks pawesome.


  18. Oh Marv and Mom, this is a terrible thing. And that the businesses probably can’t re-open due to so much having happened in the past three years is very sad to read.


  19. OMC that floods…we’ll purray for you and everyone around you, Marv. May you all be safe ❤ ❤ ❤
    You'r artwork looks fantastic as Always. Like KittiesBlue already said, it looks like you alarm the surroundings. Healing Pawkisses to all ❤ ❤ ❤


  20. OMC MArv!!! All that water sure is scary. We’re so glad ya’ll are safe and dry. We luv your cartoon foto. Awnty Barb be so talented and patient. We don’t think mommy would have the patience to try that. She’s all ’bout the now. MOL Sorry we’ve not been ’round much, mommy’s had a lot goin’ on and on her mind. she purromisses that soon she’ll have the time to spend with us fur all our stuffs. Big hugs and Happy Mother’s day awnty Barb.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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