Yes it is June!! Where was Mom?


Hi Guys! Yep! Mom has had the week from H-E double hockey sticks!
She needs a holiday…and a lot of “stuff” is still getting done from the roll-out last month…there were some issues….Mom had next week scheduled as a week off and to take it, she worked 10 hours overtime this week…she even got home LATE yesterday. We did not get my art done until late…and when she put at title on it…she said the middle of May instead of the middle of June! Silly Mom!

But the best thing…I get to spend EXTRA time with Mom this coming week!


Oh Yeah! It is Selfie Sunday! I better get cleanned up!


Now it is Selfie Sunday! You can click the button to go to The Cat On My Head’s Blog and see all the other Pawticipants!

And here is my selfie!


Happy Father’s Day to all the Cat Daddy’s and especially MY DAD, who is coming to visit this week with Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon…we are going to have so much fun!!!



28 thoughts on “Yes it is June!! Where was Mom?

  1. Hi Marv! That human work thing is a real bind, but it gets way worse when they are under your feet all the time and the service still doesnt get better. MOL You and your mom and family enjoy the week off, I know you all deserve it. Excellent selfie by the way, them strips look nice and bright…. I reckon you’d do well in the Army! Capt. Marvelous! Now theres and image for your mom to create
    Toodle pips and Superhero purrs


  2. Your looking Top Cat Marv. So handsome. Have a purrfect week with your mom and siblings. x😸😻😻🐾🐾🐾


  3. Marv it looks like you re READY for company! I hope you have some fun while your Dad is visiting with your siblings – you look all set for the onslaught of family time. I hope your Mom can get some time off now that company is coming.

    Hugs, Teddy


  4. Poor Mom, so glad she has you there Marv, to cheer her up. Hope she gets some time off soon. Great selfie Marv. You all have a most wonderful day.


  5. That is great that your mum can at last enjoy some much needed time off. Enjoy your extra time with her, and with your dad and brother and sisters. Lovely selfie Father’s Day card too.


  6. I am glad you are going to have quality time with your Mom this week and the rest of your family too. Great selfie, you are so handsome. XO


  7. Your mom works way to hard. You are sure a handsome mancat, Marv. I’m sure your mom tells you that all the time.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your wonderful mom and Happy Father’s day to your great dad. ♥


  8. Enjoy your mom time, Marv. We’re glad you both are finally going to be able to relax. 🙂


  9. We’re sorry Mom’s had so much to do, Marv! We are glad you and she will be getting some quality time this week. And that your dad, and Koz, Jo Jo and Cinnie are coming, too!


  10. That was kind of the way it goes here too sometimes, and then petcretary wonders that her head doesn’t spin right off, MOL!

    I hope that your Mom can find some time to relax…

    Love that selfie, Marv! Have a good time with your furmily!

    Happy Father’s Day, too!


  11. Mark, it sounds like your mum sure deserves a vacation and more time to spend with you. You, your papa and your fursibs will have so-o much fun. Maybe you can go on a picnic? Hugs!


  12. I love when Pop takes vacation or works from home. Until the past 7 or 8 years, he never used to take his vacation. On the news this morning, they said over 50% of U.S. workers don’t take their full vacation and 10% don’t take any vacation because they’re so worried their work will pile up.


  13. Hi Marvelous Marv! Happy belated Daddy’s day. Your selfies are handsome as usual too.
    Here’s hoping your Mom gets some rest with you on her week off and not has to do too much catch up household stuffs…

    Purrz from Chiquita and the Katie Katz.


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