CAT World Domination Day (with Selfies)

I, Marvelous, am pawticipating in Summer’s Cat World Domination Day!

You can click her badge to go to her blog and pawty with her and Binga and Boodie! They always have such a great celebration with food, selfie props, and as always, a giveaway!


To tell you the truth, I think Summer is one extra special cat! She’s smart, she’s beautiful, she has won a zillion awards (and cat shows) and she works as a therapy cat! She is carrying on Cat World Domination Day started by her predecessor – Sparkle and I am Kozmo, Jo Jo and Me are happy to be part of her celebration!

Now here are 5 reasons why I think us cats dominate the world!

1. We are trained killers! Jo Jo and Kozmo are beloved by Daddy and Mr D and Mr Bill. They are exceptional at murdering rodents! Jo Jo brings dead mice to Daddy…


2.  We are conquering the humans’ territories! Kozmo is KING of the Bed Monsters!!!

King of the bed monsters!

3.  We are NINJAS! Just look at my pal Ninja! You should have seen him dead that balloon!


4.  We have PAWSOME skills! I BLOG! I have the most pawsome computer skills! I astonish myself and my Mom!


5. We are ROYALTY! Queen Penelope told us all cats are! And we have her CROWNS to prove it!

King Kozmo

Kozmo tells me he is a KING (but I know Mr Spitty is really the King!)

Princess Jo Jo

Jo Jo really IS a Princess

Prince Marvelous

And I am a PRINCE!!!

And together we are DOMINATORS!!!!!

We are also pawticipating in The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday

You can click the button to go to The Cat On My Head’s Blog and see all the other Pawticipants!

Oh and in case you thought we forgot….

Here is a selfie of Cinnamon!









25 thoughts on “CAT World Domination Day (with Selfies)

  1. Yup you kitties are royalty but Bunnies have the numbers when it comes to world domination….and don’t forget we have one of our Numbers in the white house now too!Happy World Cat Domination Day,xx Speedy

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  2. Hello my friends and Happy Cat World Domination Day (with an honorable mention to Cinni!). Looks like you all are ready to celebrate the day – so am I although since I’m not royalty like you all, I have no crown….just a French beret! It’s Angel Sparkle’s birthday too and there’s quite a party happening at their blog today with a great giveaway. Have a fabulous day of celebrating……..I send you all a special hug.

    Love, Teddy

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  3. I knew you were a young Prince! Just as seen Nellie was, well, a Queen! That is one awesome gallery of royalty you have given us for the selfies, and everyone a ruler of all they see…. even if there may be some overlaps MOL
    Toodle pips, young Prince and purrs

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  4. Princess Jo Jo looks so beautimafuls I can hardly believe it! WHAT a perfect crown for her Princess head and suits her gorgeous jewel tone eye color too. And my Kozmo…Oh SWOOOOOON! He looks so mighty and so big and rough and tuff! Those fangs…oh…oh. My goodness, whew… I wanted to also say that Prince Marvelous looks like the Emperor really! Spitty’ll be King, but Marv is Emperor…right? Cinni, so glad you have your crown on. I knew it all the time! You are the most benevolent of any woofie Princesses.
    Oh, MEOW! Gracious!

    Love forever and ever and ever,
    Queen Katie Isabella

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  5. Marv dude, buddy, what a totally great CWDD post, and HAPPY CWDD!!!!!!


    Great pics to day, we loved effuryone, priceless!

    Big hugs

    Basil & The B Team XOX


  6. You and your pussycat fursibs are all royals in my eyes and and are worthy of those crowns fur sure, especially you, Marv. I’m not sure that D-O-Gs were crowns, though. I think they wear jester hats, but Cinnamon might be an exception. Tee hee hee. (bowing before all of you)


  7. Everyone looks terrific and so “natural” in their crowns and tiaras. We hope you had fun dominating everyone today and everyday. We absolutely loved having the entire gang here for Sunday Selfies. Sending lots of love and purrs to all. How is Mom Barb’s arm? XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


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