Thanks on Thursday!

Don't Bug me, I'm enjoying the sun!

Hi Furrends! I m always so happy when Mom gets home from work. I greet her at the door and welcome her with the song of our people.
Then I lay on the landing and Mom rubs my back! I roll and squirm and bite her fingers.

Then I grab onto her ankle we climb the stairs. When we get to the main level, I run over to the sliding door so Mom can let me out onto my catio!


I am thankful for my catio!  Especially when the sun is shining (we have not had much sun the last couple of weeks…I have had to dodge the rain drops).

The sun is so warm, I just want to sleep

I stay out there as long as I can! Today, we had SUN shining on my shelf and when Mom came downstairs to water her plants, I am thankful that she got some shots of me enjoying the sun puddles!

I am thankful that Mom had an extra day off this week and that I can look forward to her only going to work one more day this week. I am thankful I got to eat steak on Canada Day, Turkey Hot Dogs on Holiday Monday, Grilled Cheese Tuesday and Chicken on Wednesday!

I am especially thankful for Brian and his family hosting Thankful Thursday and for YOU my Furrends!

Now you can click his badge or this link to go and see all the others who are THANKFUL!







24 thoughts on “Thanks on Thursday!

  1. WOW Marv……..I think when your Mom comes home from work it must be your FAVORITE time. I bet it’s her favorite time too! I’m sure it’s wonderful to have a catio – I wish my Mom and Dad would make one for me. I’m THANKFUL to have you for a friend – I have a lot of thankfuls today too.

    Hugs, Teddy

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  2. What a wonderful list of thankfuls. You are such a wonderful cat. I know your mom thinks so too. Okay we all know how purrfect you are.

    Have a kittytastic Thankful Thursday. My best to your mom. ♥

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