Selfie Sunday with EVERYBODY!

We are pawticipating in The Cat On My head’s Selfie Sunday! This week there are all five of us! Jo Jo came out of the sofa last Monday (she scuttled in there anytime anybody looked at her for the rest of the day Saturday and all day Sunday last weekend.

First up the Ever Ready – the One-and-Only Woofie!


Cinnie is loving that our human brother is here!

Next on the selfie list today is the the Jovial, Joyful, Juggernaut–Jo Jo!


Don’t let that cute expression fool you…all of us guys are terrified of her and her CLAWS!

Following, for your viewing pleasure is the Kind, Kissable, Knockout–Kozmo!


Yes, those are stray hairs on his nose…we are living in the house of hair!

Next up – the Naughty, Nice and Nefarious–Ninja!


Last and Best is ME! MARVELOUS!!!


One of my favorite things is to hug Mom’s hand when she rubs my head. Up until now she has not had the chance to take a picture of this, but we do it often. I purr like mad and I hold on (with no claws).


I am getting along with all my siblings. I do have the occasional hissy fit with Kozmo and I am still a little frightened of Cinnamon, but I do not run and hide from her anymore. And Ninja and me are the best furrends ever! We love to chase and wrestle! Family is GREAT!!





24 thoughts on “Selfie Sunday with EVERYBODY!

  1. What a wonderful batch of selfies of the WHOLE family including your Mom’s ARM! Tee Hee I’m super happy that you are getting along with everyone and that you’re finding it nice to have a pal or two around the house. Cinni is a sweetie but she is a woofie and I’m sure for a street kitty it’s tough trusting a woofie BUT she’s a gentle giant and I think she just loves EVERYONE including you Marv! I love that you hug your Mom’s arm when she gives you a head scratch…’s a sweet show of love to her and I’m sure it makes her happy. Have a great Sunday my friend.

    Love, Teddy

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  2. That must be such fun, to have so many pals around you to play with, and to outnumber the human staff, MOL Great selfies from you all, and we love Kozmo’s he sort of looks like he’s been caught eating the last mouse in the box! MOL
    Toodle pips and happy purrs


  3. You all did great selfies, sweet friends! Marv, we think it’s marvelous (like you!) that you’re getting along (mostly) with all your siblings. 🙂



  4. It must be kind of nice having pussycat fursibs, Marv. I only have a doggie fursib and she plays odd sort of games. It was fun that all your fursibs did selfies today! And that one of you is purr-iceless! I purr-sonally don’t like my humans grabbing my head, but I do turn on my purr motor when I get my tummy rubbed and scratched. Winks.


  5. I love you new header. Pawsome.

    All the critters are adorable, but you loving on moms hand is the best one. So precious.

    Have a purrfect day, Marv and friends. My best to your peeps. ♥


  6. Those are lovely selfies, and that is sweet the way you hug your mum’s hand. I am glad you are all getting on together, and that Ninja is your best friend.


  7. Darling Marv…I am so happy you are getting along now. XXX to you. And everyone’s selfie was extraordinary! Kozmo…oh my goodness. You are gorgeous. You too Ninja and wow, the mancats in this family are premier!


  8. Marv, we absolutely love how you hug your mom’s arm. Mom wishes Sawyer would do that instead of continually biting her arms. Everyone’s selfie is first rate. We are happy to hear that some of you are getting along, and especially happy that you and Nihja are becoming buddies, Marv. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer


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