Totally Ticked Tabby

Mom, I am so furry angry at you!


You carried me up to the bedroom and I yelled and screamed and you did NOT put me down and Cinnamon tried to attack me and and you STILL carried me and I scratched you and yelled even louder and Cinnamon barked and I was scared!


You should have let me go! You KNOW how much I hate to be carried! And I HATE it when Cinnamon gets too close and BARKS! She scare me!

I am sorry Marv. But the painters were at the front door and it was open and I was only carrying you up to the sanctuary. Jo Jo and Kozmo were already in there. I am sorry that Cinnamon scared you and barked,


I forgive you Mommy and I love you.

I LOVE you too Marv!


27 thoughts on “Totally Ticked Tabby

    1. After I ran out of the house 3 months ago, Mom was very worried. I don’t think I would though…the last time scared me!


  1. Marv I feel your pain…….I will occasionally let Mom carry me but then it’s tough for her to carry me ANYWAY since I’m 20 lbs. ! I just don’t like the carry thing for some reason – maybe something that happened to me before I was adopted?? I’m sure that’s part of your issue too! Anyway, I’m glad that you have forgiven her and (I’m sure) she has forgiven you for biting her!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  2. Marv darling…I’d like to come on over and let’s talk…OK? I’ll be there this afternoon. We’ll have a spot of nip, and talk and talk. Maybe my prospective can help. XXX

    Katie Isabella

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  3. OH Marv I hear you on the carrying thing. I can tolerate about 10 seconds then you better let me go too. Mom’s know best but sometimes it seems like they are torturing us right?
    Hugs madi your bfff

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  4. Oh Marv – we can see how scary that was – but Mom was afraid if she didn’t act fast something even worse might happen.All the noise and rushing around startled Cinny too. I’m glad you didn’t hurt your Mom badly, and that everything got settled down.

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    1. I did think about biting…but I did not, I did not even scratch very hard or very deep, I just screamed VERY LOUD! And when Mommy came up later to see how I was, I cuddled on the bed with her and would NOT let go of her arm for 45 minutes. Mommy said she had work to do, but I was more important.
      Purrs Marv


  5. Marv, humans just can’t resist picking up pussycats. I think it’s kind of one of their obsessions. But it sounds like your momma was just trying to watch out fur you so those tricky aliens didn’t abduct you. And there they were posing like painters, of all the things! Head nuzzles.


  6. We hope you’re feeling better, Marv. I don’t when Claire or Momo carry me to another place, but I don’t fight or yell. Your mom was just trying to put you in a safe place, and I know she didn’t want to scare you. Purrs, Pixie


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