Jokerman errr cat

Furrst – Our good furrend Speedy is not well. He has an infection in his ears. Please send him good Purrayers to get better soon!

SpeedyPower of the PawPlease click on the button to go to his blog!

NEXT– is a picture of the Planked Salmon we had for Thanksgiving Dinner!


Now for some FUN!!!


Way back last January, I did a light bulb joke! But something happened today and I am telling more!



I don’t know Marv…how many?


Bwa! Haaa!! Haaa!!!

We are pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Happy Tuesday! Clock the button to see the other pawticipants.


Purrs Marv & Ninja


29 thoughts on “Jokerman errr cat

  1. We will go and visit Speedy (thanks for visiting us * paw hug * )

    That was a terrible joke πŸ˜‰ BTW

    Mum says, is the front page any better. She is really struggle as she can’t have a wide banner with code.

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  2. Poor Speedy, we’re sending him oodles of healing purrs…

    Dinner looked nom’a’licious – is there any left? MOL

    And dude we are laughing and laughing [again] at your light bulb joke, epic!!!


    The B Team xx

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  3. Happy belated Thanksgiving! Thanks for letting us know about Speedy, I’ll hop πŸ˜‰ right over to wish him well. That joke was so funny. 😹

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  4. Marv, that was a good one! You’re right…cats don’t change light bulbs. What the heck is Ninja doing???


  5. Marv and Ninja I wish you could see through the computer and look at mommy and me. She is sure smiling big and me…I am too. You could do it, I am sure of that Ninja but let your staff do it. You don’t have to prove anything. I’m popping over to Kozmo’s house for a time and maybe Jo Jo will not blockade me at the end of their tunnel as I pop thru.


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