Ninja and Marv

Ninja Slefie

Ninja is a gorgeous cat. He is calm, collected and devoted to his Daddy.  When we lived together in Calgary, he loved Nellie to bits…she only tolerated him and if he got too close she whapped him. That did not matter to him at all. He still loved her. We are living together again. He (and his Dad) arrived last summer while Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon were here. Even with the other cats and all the excitement, he and Marvelous bonded immediately. They are best buddies and never too far apart. Speaking of the other buddy…here is the picture of Marv pre-manipulation for Artsy Caturday.

Marv Selfie

Now if you click on The Cat on My Head‘s Badge…you will be whisked to their site and you will be able to see all the other pawticipants!

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26 thoughts on “Ninja and Marv

  1. Ninja IS a stunner and you KNOW how much I ADORE that photo of Marv, it is purrfection!!! He has a teeny tiny smile on his face….he is soooooo content, his face has softened since he has been living with you. What purrfectly handsome kitties! (so happy the fam is back together again too!) xoox

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  2. When you said manipulation I thought this was some horrid human sci-fi where us cats got turned into waiters! Ninja is one cool dude, but so is Prince Marv, so naturally the two would bond, and Our Nellie, a true Queen of Queens rightly ruled and dealt order amidst chaos to bring, ultimately, harmony.
    Harmonious and respectful purrs for Queen Nellie!

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  3. Two gorgeous kitties!
    My Giant Cat Freddie overtly loves Frankie the Monster… but Frankie is too much of a monster to openly admit the feeling is reciprocal!

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  4. No-one has a face like Marv. He really is something special 🙂

    Happy Sunday Selfie Marv, Ninja and family!


  5. We’re glad Ninja figured out you were not as whappy as Nellie. Well, let’s face it: Not many of us kitties are that whappy. The Human had one, though. Her name was BooBoo and she weighed like 5.5 pounds soaking wet. She whapped everyone and everything and lived to be 19+. We think she and Nellie are Soul Sisters at the Bridge.


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