Man Cat Monday with NINJA!


Because of the angle of the townhouse, and the constant rain in Spring and Fall, we don’t get a whole lot of sunpuddles where  cats can enjoy them.

Ninja Has found the tree down by the front door has an excellent one today!


I think there will be cat wars over this one when Jo Jo and Kozmo arrive!


We are pawticipating  in Awww Monday!

Ninja sig

Just saw this and I HAVE to add it as my Spark!




25 thoughts on “Man Cat Monday with NINJA!

  1. you are the sun puddle discoverer so it will be named after you and it is yours… like that cow-lump-us guy who discovered a whole continent… oh wait only a town was named after him… no smart business man that cow-lump-us, right?


    1. Alas, the catio is on the north side and there has been no direct sun there since the end of September. We have to wait until April for rays in the catio.


  2. We hope you have been enjoying more sun puddles this year than in years gone by. We’ve had sun for two weeks in a row here in Vancouver!!! Our humom mentioned she doesn’t remember Autumn ever being as lovely as it has been this year! But, alas, rain is meant to fall this evening 😦
    We hope you are all well and that your Mama is too xx

    the critters in the cottage xo


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