The hoard does selfies!

We thought we would all get a selfie before the ‘rents go away o holiday. Alex will be taking care of us here in the townhouse. We (me Kozmo, JO Jo and Cinnamon)  arrived yesterday afternoon. I, sang the song of our people for most of the trip. I am sure Dad was impressed with my arias!


Yes…I am not at all happy! I can’t go outside (even though I would not want to…it is raining) Marv hisses and swats and Ninja chases me! And apparently I’ve got 2 -3 weeks of this!


I am not happy to be here either. I LOVE my yard and this time of year is the BEST for hunting mice and here in Vancouver I am NOT allowed outside.


I am happy to be here! I LOVE visiting Mom and Alex! It is going to be fun to hang out with Alex for 2 weeks. I will be missing Daddy though.


This was me-YESTERDAY! BEFORE the hoard arrived! I have been UTB since that hairy slobbery beast raced upstairs and accosted Mommy! This will be the first time I am away from my Mom.


My photo was taken yesterday too…I am NOT scared of dogs (like Marv) and I have been harassing Kozmo already! I am looking forward to 2 weeks of mayhem!


We are pawticipating in the Cat On My Head‘s Selfie Sunday! Click their badge to go and see all of the other selfies!





23 thoughts on “The hoard does selfies!

  1. It’s party time round your place then? I’ll bring some mice, if you can lay on the nip as I doubt I’ll get it into Canada, MOL I’m not keen on dogs, so maybe we could slip yours $5 and send her to the movies for the night, or act as a taxi service, MOL
    Toodle pips and happy selfie purrs

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  2. Oh KOZMO!!!! MY handsome beau! You come right over here right now, and forget about the madding crowd! On the days you can’t make it, I’ll invite Marv so he can get a rest from Cinnamon. Ninja, I believe you are in the proverbial “catbird seat”. ( A Southernism for being in the best position).

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  3. We sure hope you all get settled in soon, so that you can have a nice 2 weeks! And we hope Mon and Dad have a nice vacation!

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  4. Nice to see you all. I hope you have fun while your folks are away. What time should we be there for the big party you are going to have? 🙂 XO

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