We know you want to help

Portrait of Marv (study in blue)

We all know Marg!


This weekend, Lucky went OTB!

For the last three weeks Lucky had blood in his urine and they tried all kinds of medicine but it just didn’t stop. Lucky was a really good cat. The techs at the vet office loved him. He had to go have fluids all the time since his kidneys were failing.
Anyway, sad to say, Lucky went to the bridge.

THis fall Marg has had quite a few sick cats and loads of extra vet bills.

We donated instead of sending Christmas cards. We sent our donation via PayPal (the button is on her sidebar).

I asked Mom if we could add some incentive for those who want to help Marg.

Mom has enough time to create one (1) 8″x10″ pet portrait before Christmas. Please let us know with a comment, you have donated (you can donate via PayPal or on her Go Fund Me). We will also include those who have already donated, (just leave a comment with this post or email me – marvelousismarvelous at gmail.com).

We will randomly select a winner from the comments (of this post and via email), from those we receive before this Friday (November 30th) at 6 PM Pacific.

Portrait of Bert

If you want to see what some more of Mommy’s paintings look like, click this link. http://nellieontheedge.blogspot.com/p/mommys-paintings.html

What Marg does for the animals in her care is incredible!

Let’s give her a hand this Christmas!




20 thoughts on “We know you want to help

  1. What a shame Lucky had to join our angels but he’s not alone. He will be free from the strife of living.

    We donated to Marg to help her with her animals.

    This was a thoughtful gesture Barb and Marv. Thanks for the reminder.


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  2. We didn’t know Lucky but we ALL know Marg and how much she does for the animals who are lucky enough to be in her care. It’s very generous of your Mom to offer to paint a portrait of one of the donors to Miss Marg. Today is GIVING TUESDAY………a perfect time to celebrate that occasion.

    Hugs, Teddy

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  3. Oh Barb, that is just so nice of you to do for us. We sure do thank you so much. I am absolutely speechless. Your paintings are just the best. And we have a great example. You did one of our dog Ande. Anyway, this is such a nice idea.

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  4. What a lovely post. We donated through PayPal when this first came out. We all love Marg and all of her babies.

    So sad about Lucky. I put the graphic Ann did in my Angels tab of my navigation bar.

    Your mom is most generous.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your most thoughtful mom. ♥

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  5. That is a lovely portrait of Marv, and a lovely thing to do for Marg.
    I have donated via Paypal but as you have already given me the beautiful portrait of Eric and Flynn which I treasure, please don’t include me for a portrait so others who don’t have one will have more chance.

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  6. We love Marg and all she does for the animals that live with and near her. We’re sorry she has had so many be ill lately…and we’re especially sad about Lucky.


  7. That’s super special of you and your mom, Marv. Lucky was an awesome kitty, and we love Marg lots. We donated, too. Hugs to you.


  8. Oh Marv, I’m sorry to hear that you lost a furr-iend. I wish I had known Lucky. Sending purrs and hugs of sympathy to you, Miss Marg and her family.


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