Ground Hog Selfie!

Caturday was Groundhog Day!


I did not know, but there are jillions of Marmots (what groundhogs are) around Midway! You know how I found out? Kozmo sent me a picture!

GroundHogs-GrandForksBC2These 3 groundhogs live just around the corner and up the hill from the house in Midway. Kozmo went to ask them if they saw their shadows and if we would have 6 more weeks of winter.


Eustace said that when he got up that morning and went for his morning constitutional, it was cloudy and he did not see it, but when he went out later for lunch, he DID see his shadow and when Kozmo came by, it was cloudy…so he figures Spring will come when it usually does. His wife Lucy concurs.

Kozmo asked Eustace if he would like to be the Guest Selfie on my blog. Eustace said he was honored!!!

Groundhog Day

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And then he, Kozmo sent me his selfie!


He asked me to dedicate it to ALL the beautiful lady cats.


I’m thinking he does not have a date for Valentines Day!!!


24 thoughts on “Ground Hog Selfie!

  1. A TUX, without a date on Valentines Day? Impossible! I bet there are tons of princesses just waiting to have the opportunity to meet this fine dude…. maybe even take his paw in marriage, too…… 🙂
    I bet, there must be tons of ladies beating there way to you, Prince Marv, as we speak.
    Toodle pips and purrs

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  2. Marv that was super that Koz interviewed Eustace and his wife. We actually have a groundhog living two yards away from us. We see him here and there in nice weather. My Mom always says that Spring will get here when it WANTS to and not when the groundhog says!! I sure hope that EVERYONE has a date for Valentine’s Day….it will be here soon!!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  3. Sure he does, Marv. With me. And Eustace and Lucy…sterling couple. I am inviting them over for a good meal.

    Katie Isabella

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  4. Crazy Sir Walter Wally (our ground hog who lives at the NC Museum, take on the name Sir Walter Raleigh) saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter but he forgot to tell Mother Nature today it is 60 and will be close to that high for most of the week until Saturday.
    Hugs Cecilia

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  5. Groundhog Day is one of my favorite holidays, i don’t have to buy anything, decorate, or cook, just look out to see if the small mammal can predict the weather.

    It really is more about what the weather is doing — if it’s nasty weather now, no shadow, winter is “spending itself out” now, so spring should come early. If the weather is good now, winter will probably roar back and you will see more wintry weather to come.

    What girl cat wouldn’t enjoy a Valentine Date with Ninja? Maybe EnigmaSissyCat should send a picture!

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  6. Ha ha ha! This was the best selfie ever! I don’t think I or even the Human have ever seen a real groundhog before! I think you and Kozmo both have ZERO problems in the LadyCat department.


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