Happy Easter!!!

Mommy came home with Dad and the HORRIBLE beast!


I, Marvelous, am giving her the back of shame!

But that has not stopped us from taking selfies and Eastering them!

First the horrible beast Cinnamon!


THEN Alex took some pictures of me and Ninja from outside the catio while he as cleaning the deck!


Ninja and then



We are pawticipating in The Kittie’s Blue Selfie Sunday!
Click their button to see all the other Selfies!


Now I am taking my Mommy to bed, she has travelled a lot in the last 3 days and needs some TLC. (and Sleep)



29 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!!

  1. Take care of yourself mum and Marv? What is the terrible beast business?!?! You are a courageous and brave tabby so this is not like you at all.

    Have a happy Easter OK (?)

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  2. Oh Marv we know you love Cinni – she’s not a kitty but she is sweet and Easter is all about LOVE. I’m glad your Mommy is home…..and we wish all of you a most happy Easter !!

    Hugs, Teddy

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  3. Marv, I swear, that face of yours just says suave! Those eyes…that small smile…like a male Mona Lisa. Oh. Ninja..Hi. I didn’t mean to neglect your handsome self! Glad you, Cinnamon and Ninja are going to take good care of your mommy. She will sleep well with you three keeping her warm. And I hope your daddy is getting better and better.

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  4. You all look great in your Easter finery, Marv, Ninja and Cinnie. Marv, we hope you will feel better about Cinnamon being there soon. Happy Easter!

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  5. If that’s the back-of-shame, whatcha lookin’ at??? And WOW is that your tail? It beats out the bunny-fluff-cottonball-tail any day. HAPPYHOPPY Easter to the whole gang there!

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  6. HAPPY EASTER my friend! I spent much of the day nappin’ and nippin’ and, of course, workin’ on my book, which is why I can now say… Don’t write when nipped. MOUSES! My gosh, you should see all my spellin’ mistakes! Not to mention one or two REALLY WEIRD characters. MOUSES!!!


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