Poetry and THANKFUL!

We may not get in another post until next week. We have a long weekend up here in Canada and we are going to Midway.  Today, Mom and me are going to pawticipate in Sammy and Teddy (at Two Spoiled Cats) Poetic Thursday!



Cowboy Coffee when its made right,

Will keep this ole guy up half the night.

Singing songs and rattl’n spurs

Lets you know hes got the jitters.

Too much caffeine I do dare say….

Still awake tomorrow? Its another Day!

Mom says there is nothing like it! All you need is just one…


Now the Thankfulness! Its Thankful Thursday! Click the button to go to Brian’s Blog where all the folks show their thankfulness on Thursday.


Remember how upset I was on Selfie Sunday? Here is another picture of some of the action.


I got my arm up to my shoulder out the top of the catio and Ninja ignored me!


I am so furry thankful!!

Today, after work, I go to go out on the deck!


I had a TON of fun and I came in when Mom asked! Maybe I’ll get to go out again!





29 thoughts on “Poetry and THANKFUL!

  1. We liked your poem, but are not too sure about cowboy coffee. 😉

    Marv, you got to go on the deck??? SCORE!

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  2. Ahhh…I miss that holiday…I took it as a vacation day though – hooray! Victoria Day!
    I do have to work our May holiday, Memorial day.

    I loved your poem!

    Coffee around here is not like that kind…at least we don’t think so!
    However we are not coffee gourmets like the unfurs, they think ours is like sewer water, eeuuwww! Unfurbro-the-elder makes coffee in a special pour over carafe, and he weighs the grinds *after* he grinds them…its like a ceremony, MOL!

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    1. Thanks! Mommy was a cow girl! Furrend when she was growing up had a horse and cattle rance and it was a Dude Ranch in the summers. Mommy worked there a couple of years and got to do ALL the cowboy things! She says a lot of them were stinky!


  3. Glad you got to go out on the deck, Marv, and that you were a good boy and came in when asked.
    I like strong coffee and always said it could never be too strong. That photo has just changed my mind! I think it would give me the jitters too.

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  4. Oh what a GRAND poem you and your Mom came up with for Sammy’s Poetry Thursday! That’s just what we had in mind when we found that photo to use……a cowboy’s life (and coffee). That coffee looks a lot like sludge (haha) but I bet it’s got enough high octane to keep that guy in the saddle for WEEKS! HAHAHA Love the photos of you on your patio too Marv – looks like a great spot for fresh air fun.

    Hugs, Teddy

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  5. Deck time is the best time. Now, as for that “beverage”, being one who will drink nearly any kind of coffee in a cup, mug or other container … well … suspect perhaps that is the “covfefe” made famous about a year ago by someone who will remain nameless: that is untouchable, undrinkable: NADA!

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  6. You were having a big time, be careful out there Marv. That was a fun poem too but that coffee doesn’t look overly yum. Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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  7. Marv, your Mama sure knows how to create the best and most interesting world for you! It’s wonderful that you get to go outside XO
    The poem is very fluid (teehee) and the coffee certainly looks as though it could keep a person up for a day or two!! ;p

    the critters in the cottage xo

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  8. Love your poem. Well done.

    You two are most adorable. I know you already know that, but I have to say it often.

    Have a purrfect Thankful Thursday. My best to your wonderful mom. ♥

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  9. If you keep coming in when Mom asks you to, Marv, you are practically insuring you will get to go out again !

    That cup of coffee looks like what my cousin makes :” it would float an iron wedge,”

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  10. You had your warm through the patio up to your shoulder and I do believe you got Ninja’s tummy, judging from the look on his face! Marv, what a good boy you were though. Coming in when your mommy called you! Being good out there! It don’t git much better!
    Katie Isabella

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  11. Oh my cats I almost missed the wonderful poem. Love it.
    For the last several months WP is no longer sending me email of new posts on any blogs. Guess I’m gonna have to depend on my memory.
    Cowboy coffee…love it
    Hugs Cecilia


  12. I really liked your poem. Maybe because I’m such a coffee fiend. I don’t let the kitties drink coffee, but maybe a wired Yella Fella would help him with that last pound he needs to lose.


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