Just Another Pleasant Valley Sunday Morning…

What a week! We lost furrends this week. We published about Crockett and now Da Beebs at The Poupounette! He was far too young.


This week started off in Midway, and I got everyone to take Selfies for this Sunday!

To see all the other Selfies this week, click on the Cat On My Head‘s button to be magically transported their blog!


First is Cinnamon. She and me actually got along this trip! I did not freak out every time I saw her!

Cinnamon - waiting for the ball!

Gosh she loves to chase balls and frisbees!

She is watching Alex

Remember earlier this week, I told you Jo Jo was on the other side of the deck…just out of view and she was staring at me inside? Mom got the picture from the kitchen window.

Kozmo wanted tbusiness"e camera to go away so he could do his "B

Kozmo thinks the garden area is one big litter box–just for him! This is him by the garden gate.

Ninja was watching Alex on the deck too. He is just right og Jo Jo

Ninja on the corner of the deck. With the Kettle River in the background.

And last, but not least, me in the blue bed–today!

Me, after helping Mom with the Caturday Art

And for your listening entertainment–the ORIGINAL Pleasant Valley Sunday!

Have the bestest SUunday EVER!



21 thoughts on “Just Another Pleasant Valley Sunday Morning…

  1. You guys all look like you are having an awesome time, inside and out. Wow, you all do get out and about a lot, too. Wherever today finds you, have a great Sunday—just like your selfies.

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  2. Wowee! You all had a wonderful time at Midway. Marv, we are happy you and Cinnie got along so nicely. It must be nice to be back home, though. 🙂

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  3. Always a good thing to breathe some outside air, Marv! We remember “The Monkees” and watched every episode of their TV show AND had every album.


  4. Ours go outside and love the garden. It’s a lot of fun but you (little monkey) are far too keen to hide away so I am NOT surprised Mum is keeping you safe!

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