Where has the time gone?

Today I received a birthday card from  Pipo, Dalton and Benji! Their Petcretary  is the BEST (unlike mine-glares at Mommy)


I, Marvelous am 3 years old!

I a couple of days, I will have been living in Canada for 2 years!

We have not been blogging since the end of May. Daddy had a horrible fall, he stayed with us for a while, then Mom was travelling back and forth on weekends to do the yard and house work (its a 6 hour drive). Then she went there for 2 weeks and cleaned the house (thoroughly) tried to beat the yard into shape (3 years of neglect) and built a shed. Dad was still furry ill. He had some some sort of bronchial infection. Then, 4 days after Mom got back to Richmond and overtime for the software rollout (They have one at the end of July and the other at the end of August), Dad was in a catastrophic car accident and has been in ICU in Kelowna (a 5 hour drive from Richmond) Mom has been there for the last 3 weekends (and stayed in Midway which is a 2 hour drive from the hospital so she can do the yard work).

Mom has been just too tired to blog for me!

I have been a totally rotten cat! I have escaped twice and gone for walkabouts in the townhouse complex, I have beating up Kozmo and Jo Jo and hissing at Cinnamon and chasing Ninja.
Mom threatened me with Violin strings last night when I was scratching the carpet on the stairs last night!

So you know we are all great, here are some pictures of all of us!


Cinnamon on her nightly walk, chasing her ball


Cinnamon in the Midway House last weekend


Kozmo giving Mom the evil eye


Jo Jo (in the carrier) and Kozmo in the backseat of the car, coming to Richmond


Jo Jo in MY blue bed on the sofa giving Mom a Raspberry!


Ninja doing what he does best…looking like an angel (he is not really)


Me! Giving Mom a VERY rare hug (I mostly growl at her)

We won’t be posting much, and we have not had much of a chance to read our furrends blogs, Mom has not had any time…and when she sits, we ALL want cuddles!

Can you guys please send some purrayers for our Dad. He is still in ICU.



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  1. Goodness Catnesss your Dad sure has had some bad luck and we are sending tons of purrs and prayers to Dad and Mom and the whole family to help you all manage. Dad get well soon.

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  2. Oh Marv! That’s so much going on. We send a ton of purrs to your dad. We hope he heals quickly. And purrs to your mom too. What stress she must be feeling. Now Marv, you need to be a good boy and not escape anymore…and not get into fights. We know it’s probably because you’re sensing all the stress that’s going on now. We hope you had a happy birthday, too.

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  3. dood…we haza sayin round de land oh trout, nothin good comez frum an odd numbered yeer. we hope yur dadz doin sooper grate, we hope him getz ta come home sooper soon, we hope mom haz soooper strength oh mind, we send sooper happeez for yur birthday N gotcha N we send sooper bundlez oh prayerz❤️♥️

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  4. Dear Mom, Dad, Kozmo, Cinnamon, Jo-Jo, Marv, and Ninja. Believe me…for weeks now I have thought of each and every one of you. What you are going through is enormous and mom has had you all…certainly your dad too, on her mind. She said we both send our love. We send hugs that we hope you can imagine well enough to feel our arms around you each one. e won’t forget you and we are purring snd praying for a peaceful time and wellness for each one of you. Cinnamon, this is unusual for mom and me to say, but you look particularly precious in your pictures. An extra smoochie for YOU.

    Katie Isabella

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  5. Marv, these times must seem as scary and rough as your start in life but hang in there. Mum has energy to geet things done, some of these things are tough for even a human to understand, let alone a cat still finding his paws in a new and wonderful home.

    Try not to run away Marv, your mum will have one more thing to worry about. Try to work on her good side (it might mean more treats!) and when things settle down you will be fine again.

    You need the core of strength that kept you alive on the streets, use it now. Soon your mum will be back and you can take a breath.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

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  6. What a horrible time you have been having! We send you all hugs and purrs and prayers and kitty kisses and POTP and anything else you/we can think of to make things better.

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  7. Dearest Handsome Marv, Happy (Belated) Birthday wishes
    I am sending special healing licky kisses to Dad and lots of positive thoughts to your family. Gosh, you do all have a lot on your plate at the moment, hope thingys get betters for you all soon
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  8. Hi Marv, Happy Birthday dude, albeit a little belated. We too like you have been offline for nearly 7 weeks, our mum had a fall in early June, [through a ceiling], nowhere near as serious as your dad, just know that we’re sending many, many healing vibes direct to him and we’ll keep you all in our daily prayers and hope that things get better soon. Oodles of hugs and purrs from The B Team XOX

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  9. This is so tough for all–we add our purrs, head bonks, and hugs for strength and healing-xoxo, Bibi & Meep
    P.S. we came heere from Timmy Tomcat & Co.’s blog


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