Does eating turkey make you sleepy?

Dear Furrends! We are joining Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop. 

I believe this is the first time since May 15th! We are so furry Thankful that we are all together for Christmas. Including Daddy! And we are thankful for you! Dear Furrends your Purrayers and support have ment so furry much to us.

Now we got turkey yesterday. And we ask you-does Turkey make you sleepy?


Mom says that it is a Myth!

We disagree…

Cinnamon had turkey


Ninja had turkey


Jo Jo had turkey


Kozmo had turkey


And I, Marvelous, had turkey


Did YOU, my furrends have Turkey?


23 thoughts on “Does eating turkey make you sleepy?

  1. Oh my! That looks like a most delicious turkey and YES it does make you sleepy – looks like you all fell victim to that turkey’s “charms” !! We had ham here so the only thing that made this crowd sleepy was EATING TOO MUCH FOOD.

    Love and Merry Christmas Marv!

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  2. Dear handsome Marv(elous) friend. I’m so happy to see your post and know that you and all you love are together. Here is to a most
    wonderful remainder of 2019 and May 2020 be filled with healthy happiness.
    Hugsto you all Cecilia

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  3. OMC I want to jump through the computer and eat that! It looks like the BEST turkey ever! Actually, it may make one sleepy it has that word “trip-something” in it that they say makes you sleepy! So happy you all were together for the holiday! xoxo

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  4. I’m so happy that you are all together for Christmas too, that had to be super special this year. Hey Marv, yes, turkey does make you sleepy, not snoozin’ doubt about it! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

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  5. I don’t like turkey, but all the food we had made me very sleepy. (It could have been the alcohol too of course.) 🙂

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  6. We didn’t have turkey for Christmas, Marv, but from the looks of things at your house, it DOES make you sleepy. 🙂


  7. I wish I was there in a pile with the rest of you. Of course, I would have to lay on Kozmo, ahem. He’s my mancat. 💗
    Katie isabella


  8. (I am playing “catchup” today! ) Love your ornament Marv! We swore off Turkey birds altogether, but I will say they do make you sleepy after eating them. Hope you have a good New Year !


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