Here we were, blogging (almost) everyday and then it HAPPENED!

We got snow, snow and more SNOW! Mom has been shoveling at least twice a day  (sometimes 4). The drift at the end of the driveway is almost as tall as Mom. Mom complains that throwing the snow to the top is a chore.

This morning Cinnamon got a walk. She was excited as Mommy has not taken her for a real walk since the last time we blogged!

Cinnie in the snow

This is Cinnie getting her frisbee. The snow is deeper than she is tall!


Mommy says she “Dolphins” that is she bounces and jumps in the snow.

Here she is bringing Mom the frisbee

Cinnamon and FrisbeeOriginal

Here she is after we artified her for Athena Marie’s Artsy Caturday!

Cinnamon and Frisbee3

Now you can click on Athena’s Button to go and see all the other great art!


And here’s hoping we get to pawticipate in Selfie Sunday!







29 thoughts on “Snowmageddon!

  1. WOW Marv that is a “real” snow! We get little snows here when we do have them – it snowed a tiny bit this morning in fact. It usually is gone within a day or two – we think this snow will melt before the day is over as rain is coming. Cinni sure is having a blast with her Frisbee – I know it’s a lot of work to throw that snow for your Mom….hopefully she doesn’t “overdo” !!!!!!

    Love, Teddy

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  2. That is a lot of snow, and Cinni is having such fun in it. Not so much fun for your mum though having to keep shovelling.

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  3. Oh MARV! Mom said she is so glad she doesn’t have to shove like that! She usually does as little as possible but that’s because she is still a heart patient even though she is tons better than before the surgery. Cinnie you look happy and vigorous out there catching your frisbee! I hope the cats who would sink all the way down, are not howling to go out.
    XXOO to each one of you. Miss you one you’re gone… but I sure understand.
    Katie Isabella

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    1. Sigh…2 more inches this morning. We were hoping to get out and comment on our furrends blogs, but it looks like the driveway will get Mommy’s attention this morning.


  4. Whoa! I hope I never see that much snow. Our storm today fizzled and TW thinks we ony got an inch or 2. Love your art. Personally I don’t know what dogs like about snow but they seem to love it.


  5. love seeing Cinnamon enjoy the snow so much! Dakota has some arthritis now in his legs (which often makes getting up from the floor and the snow) difficult……’s so sad to see, he isn’t a fan of the snow like he used to be 😦


  6. Benji loves the snow too, he romps through it like a snowplow! Too bad we can’t make him clear the sidewalks , BOL!

    Dalton follows along, but he is clearly not the biggest fan of that deep white stuff, though when there is a frozen ice layer on it like we have now, he doesn’t sink in, but Benji does…so we have to watch his feet for sore pads.


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