Ninja is MIA!

His Dad went to Vancouver yesterday to pick up his worldly belongings. It was a beautiful evening and all of us (Me, Kozmo, Jo Jo and Ninja) did NOT want to come in. We were racing around, rolling and pooping in Mr D’s garden and having a grand old time.

Ninja watching Cinnamon itch her back

Mom got Jo Jo in at 10:30 and she got me, Ninja and Kozmo on the deck at 11 by shaking the treat jar. We danced around and Mom enticed me and Kozmo into the house…but NOT Ninja! He (who is usually such a good boy and comes when he is called) high tailed it across the yard and under the gate. That was the last Mom saw of Ninja. When she called 10 minutes later Kozmo slipped out….

Ninja enjoying the great outdoors

She did not sleep and her constant getting up and bellowing “NINJA” out the back door kept me and Jo Jo awake. Kozmo would show up on the deck and meow at Mom (he tries keeps an eye on us youngsters). When it got a little lighter, Mom went outside to see if Ninja was in the yellow shed to see if Ninja was sleeping on the lawnmower seat (it is one of his favourite spots). Then Kozmo came in.

Kozmo, he watches the young guys

Mom has walked the top bank along the river elebenty million times and still NO NINJA!

Can you please send out “Go home Ninja thought waves”?



31 thoughts on “MIA!!!

  1. That is a nightmare when they get to be missing like that. You bet I will pray he makes it home.


  2. We are sending purrayers and POTP to bring Ninja home ASAP! It is hard on the whole family when one of the kids is missing !


  3. Oh dear, Marv…this is so scary, and Mom is praying big time that by the time you read this Ninja is home. Put the litter box outside. I have heard that is the best method of getting a kitty to come home. And make certain all the neighbors check sheds, garages, basements, anyplace Mr. Bad Boy might want to explore. Our mom knows your mom is a nervous wreck. Our Louise got shut in a neighbor’s basement and was there for two weeks. Mom about lost he mind. Ninja…please go home…NOW! XOCK, angel Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo, Cooper Murphy and Sawyer

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    1. excellent excellent advice. I was so shocked I didn’t;t think to say the same to Marv. The litter box and check it often.


  4. Oh no! Ninja, come home now! I am sending good thoughts for him to stroll back as if nothing has happened.


  5. Oh no! So many things can happen when a cat goes missing. All of them bad and even worse for a black cat. He could be locked in somewhere. TW is of the mind cats should not to allowed out no matter the circumstances. Humans by me are always posting about missing cats and we live in the city. Sending homeful purrz that Ninja is found/comes home.


  6. Oh no! This is so scary! We are purring and praying that Ninja comes home soon.

    Please, please, please, Ninja. Come home!


  7. Oh my cats! Of course we send good thoughts your way. He’s probably followed something and will be back when he gets bored. You know how easily we get bored. Purrs Snoops and Kommando Kitty


  8. OH NOOOOOO! Ninja can’t be gone – it’s one thing to take an extra long time for an extra long walkabout but not to disappear and especially not to come when called. We sure hope this morning he’s back home where he belongs……sending HOPE……….

    Love, Teddy


  9. “NINJA this NOT THE time to bee sociallee diss-tancin!! Pleese go home to yore Meowmy an efurryone!! They are frantick!! Pleese Ninja…come home soon….”
    Sinseerlee, BellaDharma an LadyMew too!


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