First Post AFTER I lost my email account!

Hi guys,

Mom tanked my email address this week. This is the first time we tried to get into WordPress and Mom tried to make it way more complicated than it was. She futst around for at least a half an hour before she realized how simple she was. But now I’m here and I have some art for you!

There are LOADS of great artists out there and Caturdays we all get to shine atAthena’s (the Cat Goddess) Caturday Art! To see all the other great artists, please click on her button so you can blog hop through all the other great art!

CaturdayArtBannerCinnamon LOVES to go for rides and her favorite ride is the TRUCK! Here is a picture of her waiting for Alex and Mom as they loaded the bed with Yard Junk!


And here it is AFTER Mom and me played with Photoshop!


Click here to do the puzzle!

Remembering – This week it was 4 years since Queen Penelope passed away. She is still missed. She was Daddy’s girl and we KNOW she was waiting for him when he went over the bridge last month. We are Celebrating her with her first Gift that she posted on McGuffy’s Readers Monday Sparks.

Gift11 copy



Easter Selfie Sunday

Have you ever wondered why Easter is called Easter? We did and asked, and found out it came from the Venerable Bede. Bede was an English Benedictine monk at the monastery of St. Peter and its companion monastery of St. Paul in the Kingdom of Northumbria of the Angles. Bede wrote that the month in which English Christians were celebrating the resurrection of Jesus had been called Eosturmonath in Old English, referring to a goddess named Eostre. And even though Christians had begun affirming the Christian meaning of the celebration, they continued to use the name of the goddess to designate the season.

Bede was so influential for later Christians that the name stuck, and hence Easter remains the name by which the English, Germans and Americans refer to the festival of Jesus’ resurrection.

But we digress, it is SPRINGING here and we are GLAD!
We are pawticipating inThe Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday.


You can click on their button to see all the other pawticipants!

We thought we would show you us enjoying the warm Spring. First is Cinnamon and her ball! She LOVES to play ball and Alex plays with her LOADS!


Next is Kozmo, hes enjoying that now it is spring, he can chase mice! He even brings them back for us to play with. Here he is watching us do that, from the deck.


So is Jo Jo!


Here is Ninja in the shed, hes trying out the lawn mower.


And here is ME! I am scratching my back – rolling on the sidewalk!


And here is a bonus shot! Ninja watching Cinnamon rolling in the grass!

Ninja watching Cinnamon itch her back

We hope you guys are having a fabulishious Easter and the Easter Bunny was eggceptionally nice, he had an eggception to visit here in BC!


He stopped by and left us some eggstra special treats! We feel so furry lucky! Stay safe!