Caturday Cartoon Art!

Since Alex came to live with us here in paradise, Mom’s mission control has been moved to between the living room and the dining room. Right across from the basement door.


This is a store bought desk, not the custom one she had in her office (which is now Alex’s bedroom). What us animals like about it is, Mommy can see us when we want to go in and out the back door!

I, Marvelous, have come up with a GREAT way to let Mom know I want in.

Me-InAs soon as I see that Mom has seen me, I jump down, so Mom has not gotten a really good picture of me. BUT she has posted a cartoon she did of me at the ZOOM Coffee Room at work.


My cartoon is going to be my entry in Athena’s Caturday Art! To see all the other great Art, please click on her button and you will be magically taken to her blog.

CaturdayArtBannerWe want to wish everyone Happy Passover and Happy Easter!




Selfie Sunday

Goodness! We are posting 2 days this weekend! Caturay Art and NOW Sefie Sunday!


To see all the other selfies please click on the Cat on My Head’s Button!

We are doing our selfies in 2 parts, some distance shots and then some close up glamor shots!

Cinnie is a little purrterbed…her snow is just about all gone (this was yesterday, today it IS all gone).


Here are Koz and Jo Jo on Mom’s bed. They are practicing Social Distancing (NOT).




Ninja is out where Alex did all the yard work. He and Me were snoopervising.


Here is ME snoopervising. I think I am harder to see!

Now for our closeups!

Cinnamon had a fabulishious one yesterday, so she wanted a full body shot today!


She is loving that she gets to play outside a whole bunch more!

Next up we have a picture of BEAUTIFUL Jo Jo!


We don’t often see her like this. She usually hisses at EVERYONE!

Next is Kozmo’s closeup!


He is such a handsome Tuxi Man Cat!

Next, the OTHER black cat!

Ninja Selfie

Ninja’s close up shows what an alluring and captivating cat he is!

Last but not least…


Here is MY closeup. Mom says I am the most handsomest and most marvelous tabby man cat she has ever had! I am special!

We can’t wait to see all of your selfies!