Do you remember us? We remember you!


Amazing things can happen in a month! A month ago we were living in Richmond. Mommy was traveling to see Daddy in the Kelowna Hospital most weekend and Ninja’s Daddy (my human brother Alex) was in Singapore.

Two weeks ago, Mommy put all of us cats in carriers, put the 4 carriers in the car and we we MOVED to Midway.

The Doctors decided to let Daddy out of the hospital and because he could not climb all the stairs in the townhouse, Mommy said we were moving to Midway.


We have the most interesting neighbors. I’m not sure if they are big dogs…but Cinnamon barks at them and Ninja chases them!


┬áMommy is once again working out of what she calls “Mission Control”.Mission Control

What we like, is that she is working from home so she can take care of me (and Daddy). She managed to get them t company she works for to think outside the box (or office) for the short term. And it it does not work out, Mommy will get what she calls “Retired”. Though she says they could sure use the benefits (what ever they are).


Cinnamon agrees! She LOVES that she can go for way more car rides.


Kozmo LOVES that we cats all go our own “Nip Nanners” and that we can go outside whenever we want.


And Jo Jo LOVES the bed in Mommy’s office!

Yep! We are HAPPY to see you guys too!!


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Late Selfie and Mancat Monday


On Sunday, I woke up and my Mom was not home…Alex told me that she had left Midway …


I shall sit in the window until I see her car…


Oh goodie! I see it! When she comes in…I want cuddles!!!!



We are pawticipating in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday


and Sandee at Comedy Plus’ Awee Monday

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While Mom was away, Maggie ran over the bridge. We know Queen Penelope was there to greet her. We are so furry sad that she is gone and we send our furrend Ann much Love, Purrayers and Strength. Maggie, you WILL be missed!

MAGGY Forever 5.2.2019