Using the DSLR and Cinnie

While cleaning the front hall closet, Alex and I found David’s Canon Digital SLR Camera. I got this for David for his birthday a long time ago. David was a fabulous photographer but did not like the digital camera. Alex too is a great photographer and he LOVES the camera and some if his shots have been spectacular!

This is one of them!


And here is what we did with it using the Deep Dream Generator and Photoshop.

Painted Grrl

We are pawticipating in BEAUTIFUL ATHENA the Cat Goddess’ Caturday Art!

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AND for those that like to dopuzzles, we have published a puzzle.


Click the picture to go and have some fun!








Marvelous Portrait

We don’t get a chance on the computer much. A furry sick Dad, work, laundry, appointments and Mom’s total inability to do the blog using her phone or tablet, NOTHING HAS BEEN SHARED with you my furrends!

Now I must tell you about the art Mommy has been doing…apparently embroidery is easy to carry around and pull out in Doctor’s offices and waiting at hospitals.

First here is the picture that lead to the art being thought about. Mom was trying that Photoshop Water Color filter that CK’s human does such a wonderful job using and she really liked how it turned out.

Starting Point

And then Mom turned the computer art into a sketch.


She thought it would make a really good embroidery.

First she traced it onto the material using carbon paper.

Marv 1

Then she started stitching

Marv 1.3

And more stitching

And more

And more

Almost final

Mom just about stopped at the “line drawing”. All she had left to do was add the whiskers, but the Dad was back in the hospital, so she started to embellish

Marv 7

And today, she finished the circle! Mom says it is done, except for washing out the carbon and ironing and framing


I LOVE it! And I am going to share it on Athena’s Artsy Caturday! Click her icon to see all the other great art!


Devil Signature