Daddy is Home!

We were quite purrturbed when Mom and Dad got home on Caturday. Dad came in with a really noisy machine attached to his face. He sat in his chair and about 10 minutes later a guy named Steve showed up bringing all kinds of noisy stuff!

Dad’s room now has a noisy oxygen condenser in in and it makes a whoosh whoosh noise 24×7. We thought his C-Pap machine was noisy!

Mommy has been furry busy. She crushes Dad’s pills an uses a humongous syringe and she feeds Dad through a tube in his tummy! When we asked what was the matter, Mom told us that Dad has a disease called ALS (Lou Garrig’s Disease). Mom says that Dad will not get better. So we have been loving him as much as we can.

We have been taking turns sitting with Dad. But we’ve not been ignoring Mom either!


Here are me, Cinnamon and Kozmo helping Mom work, Yes, she is still working so she can keep her company benefits package.


Ninja likes to warm up the recliner for his Grampa


And here is Jo Jo, holding Dad down. Where am I?


I was watching the snow fall and as soon as there is about 4 more inches, I’ll let Mom know that she needs to get out the shovel!

I don’t know when we will get a chance to post again, but remember, we do LOVE to go and visit our furrends on the tablet and we try to keep up with all of your antics!



We are Offline for a while


We have not been online since last Wednesday. That’s because Daddy went back to the hospital. He’s been gone and Mom and Cinnamon have been driving forth and back so they have been gone too! And us cats have been alone and we miss out people.

We don’t know too much about the Dad’s condition. He is having tests tomorrow that will give us an idea as to when we can expect him to come home. In the meantime we will not have much time for posting or commenting.

Meanwhile we are WATCHING